Sunday, May 02, 2021

Monthly Cat Care

Today 5/1/2021

  • Ginny
    • 12 pounds
  • Imp
    • 8.2 pounds
  • Shadow
    • Weight 10 pounds exactly
    • Flea Treatment
    • Note: Shadow calls very often - when she's at the water dish, but mostly to take me to her pillow in the office and demand treats. She eats a lot of wet food and dry food. She likes being brushed on back and side, but not on chest or belly where there are small mats.

Ginny's has a straight back over her forepart
and a rounded back over her belly.
Does it mean anything?

Ginny is active and curious
She has a mark on the left side as if
that eye were draining but it's always there

Imp's eyes seem clear
She is active and playful

Shadow is much more vocal
and demands more treats than she used to

Friday, April 30, 2021

City Of Nightmares: My Bookclub Reads "City Of Dreams"

The first book we read for the West Seattle Time Bank book club was "City of Dreams" b Beverly Swerling. When I first heard we were going to read "City of Dreams" I was excited because taht history (by Tyler Anbinder) looked like an interesting!. Then I learned that, no, it was going to be the historical novel.
Well, ok. I ordered it through Pegasus and marched through it. I wrote This Review.
"For a book with "Dreams" in the title, it was mostly a nightmare. None of the characters had much in the way of redeeming qualities except for the capacity to endure pain, of which there was a lot. Every character who is not almost immediately killed or raped is unlikeable. The American revolutionaries are slavers, the British loyalists liked to spank their prostitutes. The Europe-training doctors killed their patients with ineffective medicines and the surgeons killed their patients by experimenting on them. All in all, "City of Dreams" is not a place we'd want to visit.
It might have been worth touring this nightmare if there had been something like a plot or if it had been a reliable vehicle for learning history (after all, much of history involves a lot of pain.) However, the only plot-like structure is that the mixed-race child of a rape was so enraged at the casual racism of being rejected for marriage due to her heritage, that she engaged in a multigenerational revenge (despite a subsequent highly successful marriage) that did not actually accomplish much except the crippling of a completely innocent uncle. That is not a very interesting plot because there is no suspense or direction to the revenge.
As for history: in the afternotes we read that the author studied period medical notes and therefore we can trust the gory details. Otherwise we are left guessing as to what is is real and what is invented. Did colonists torture slaves? Probably yes. Did a privateer and pirate get captured by the British during a hopeless attempt to save Nathan Hale from hanging? Probably not. Was there really a "Women of Conmara" society of herbalists? We learn in the notes the answer is "no". What events and details can we trust? It's too much trouble to figure out.
So: we can't read this for history. We can't read it for character. We can't read it for plot. I read it because our book club chose it because it's cover blurb said it was a "perfect historical novel" ... and that is a lesson in itself."

This seemed to be the general conscensus of the book club - we did not especially like it, but wanted to try another book. Next month it'll be "The Hotel At The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet". Wish us luck!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

This Week Or Fortnight

She's not really grumpy, she's just concentrating

Classic Imp Watching The World Pose

The Season Is Blossoming

Spring bloom

Pansies Rock On!

I would love for this to be a bird feeder;
Imagine all those little cheepers on the wing!

As the sun got low, this shadow
appeared on a flower pot I am working on

A veritable array of onions
at the community garden near Pond Park.
Can you read the coded message?

Wake up and smell the flowers!
Or ... sleep in. What the heck, it's Saturday.

On the left: a nice house
On the right: the box it came in

When your car is bigger than your garage

This is true

This tree must have been HUGE but as the poem says ...

A Hummingbird just chilling,
watching me watching it

Sunday, April 18, 2021

The battle of the miner's lettuce and the purple chard!


Many people prefer the chard because it is classically beautiful, but the miner's lettuce has much to recommend it!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Catching Up On Not-Tax Day

 So today is normally the day that people have to have their taxes (or an extension) filed by, except there's an exception this year, so it's not.

I've gone for a couple weeks skipping logging, but I carefully take pictures almost every day. Let's see what we got:

A Sharp-Dressed Tree!

It is better to have a book to read and no time
Than to have time to read and no book!

We came to the end of the road.
This happens a lot because of our many ravines

Nice artwork parking strip

Seattle Landscaping did that parking strip

Spring flowers!

Midway through building my raised bed

A neighbor has a good crop of rocks

Life All Over!

Full Moon Over The Olympics on a morning walk

Ginny helps dig the garden

Me and My Shovel
The day after my 2nd COVID shot,
I figured if I was going to have muscle aches,
I'll have a reason!
(It turned out to be only a 1 Ibuprophen day)

Miner's Lettuce and Deadnettle season!

These are all over

Best Bumper Stickers!

Two Yards Near Alki

Trillium did not wait for me to move the urbanite,
it just grew and was revealed
when I built the raised bed in back


I gave the cats their flea treatment around the 1st day of the month.

I was interviewed by FEEST on Wednesday; apparently I was an amusing and prolific volunteer

I am busy with WPTL and 4freeCLE and Toastmasters  (especially the new Speechcrafters program with Ekata) and my yard, and trying to develop productive habits in the 3 act of life

Much depends on how you look at things


I am proud of my raised bed and new fence, but what you see there depends on how you look at it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Like my hat this morning?

I was getting my walk in and reflecting on my reluctance to take pictures of myself, as it requires accepting my aging. This is an issue in itself, but also for my daily habit of photographing life as I live it, seeking out beauty and humor so I have a catalog of the good stuff and develop the habit of looking for it. The trees are in bloom so I decided to try a selfie that combined all three elements: beauty, humor and myself. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Trillium Is Determined!


Nothing was showing above ground when we piled up concrete fragments from my driveway, to be slowly reused in raised beds and stuff. Trillium decided not to wait. My respects to you!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fort Catnip

 FORT CATNIP: until it is big enough to survive feline affection