Monday, October 26, 2020

Apple Monday

 We had a frost forecast for last weekend, so the day before I harvested the apples that were still hanging on. I diced them to remove the cores and crocked them overnight, or maybe two nights - I really didn't keep track. Today I drained them, retaining the liquid to drink or let go hard, and ran the rest through the Ninja Blender that Kiara left me. The sauce freezes nicely for a taste of summer in the middle of winter, and I have a good feeling from not letting food go to waste



Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekend Update

 Saturday for Zumba I changed the angle of the laptop so it was not parallel to the wall, but looked over my available dance area. This made it easier to remain engaged with the exercise, which I enjoy. I also danced with my cellphone in a shorts pocket, so I could count the steps: over 4,700! It's comparable to taking an hour walk.

I was delighted to see that, despite not dieting at all, I hit the scale at 217 pounds, a weight I normally managed only through intermittant fasting. I tolerate intermittant fasting but it is not really pleasant. I think my lower weight may be due to the effects of daily walking, and perhaps purging my home of suboptimal foods. I hope so.

The thermostat was bugging me to change the air filter, so I did. I have a six month supply anyway.

Hearing that we were going to get a frost, I harvested the last of the apples. This week will be the last batch of applesauce for the year. I will photograph each step to make a photo essay.

That afternoon we had another meeting with the West Seattle Time Bank committee working with the consultants to develop a strategic plan. I had had my doubts but it actually worked pretty well. The consultants were good at moving things along while ensuring everyone contributed.

Saturday evening Hannah, Julie and I met at Beveridge Place's outdoor spot for beer and gaming. It was cold but my 2nd drink was hot cocoa so that helped. We agreed it was time to break out the full winter gear for sitting outside. We really didn't feel great about sitting inside due to COVID.

Sunday I took a walk to the four little pantries within easy walking range, intending to distribute goods I don't consume, such as cup-o-soup (too much sodium). It's a good way to get around the neighborhood.

I had a nice chat with Sherry over FB. It is good to have a friend I can discuss anything with.

This evening there was a nice concert fundraising for the Biden campaign, including Jon Bon Jovi, the Foo Fighters, Cher and many others. It was a nice background for doing the monthly 4freeCLE update.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Halloween Inflatables and Codenames


This morning we walked to the north, and saw more Halloween decorations in the pre-dawn. 
In the evening I ran Codenames online at, using Zoom for talking with the players and the Codenames website for the game. First playing was Vikki Cool and her friend Randy; there was hilarious confusion because we have the same name. Just as they were checking out, Rachel Glass and family checked in for a couple more games. Playing 3 handed was awkward, as one person had to play spymaster for both teams, which required accessing two instances of the game using different browsers, but we got buy. Tentatively the Glasses and I agreed to try against Friday at 6:30 (and I'll check w/Vikki and Julie and Hanna.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Good Bye To Eddite For A While

This morning at the end of our walk Eddie and his human came by. He maintains social distance by eagerly straining at his leash so we pet him from several feet away from his human Pearl. She's driving down to California for the winter, so this is the last we'll chat for a while. These seasonal migrations are a way to mark time's passage.

Today, like yesterday, I tried to refer to my day planner to keep my focus or return to task once I got distracted, which was often. I had some success, getting my Toastmasters Brady Bunch photo ready for review, and preparing for tonight's Section Outreach even at Gonzaga (remotely)

The event was more fun than watching the final Biden/Trump debate (although I got the last half hour in). Anne is delightful to talk with and we tag-teamed the 4 students who stopped by. I better understood her internship idea and as it happens the school guy who was running this event is wiling to help recruit students. So basically we just figure out the details.

Life As Postcards And Meetings

Wednesday we ran a mile again. This was our 3rd Wednesday and I no longer had the protection of incredulity; I knew in my bones that ones we started, we were going to do it. My whole body gave a feeling of WTF? but I kept going, encouraged by conversation and company. And then it was over. Julie theorized that my weakest mitochondria was warning me this was killing them, but they will be replaced.

As we walked Julie discussed her coursework, as usual. I talked about my need to perform the leadership tasks I'd assumed for Toastmasters, but that I was emotionally reluctant to tell people what to do. Julie observed this was why I was taking on those tasks.

After going home and collapsing, I went to USPS to mail the Postcards 2 Swing States cards - 200 of them (I think). I got a photo of myself, but I don't like the bump in my eyebrow so I applied a filter and had a little fun.

I had a WPTL EC conference call. It seems odd to meet voice only - hard to tell who's speaking.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ignoring the Troll

 There's a discussion going on the WSBA Diversity list serve, about something a member of the BOG had said and the reaction to it. People seemed pretty upset but I didn't know what this was about, except that BOG was going to have a listening session with the MBAs which seems harmless, I guess. Any time people talk, that's a good thing, right?

Not to Ed Hiskes, who argued that it was going to be a public shaming session of that Governor, complete with a demand for ritual apology and an official censure. He then found a case where someone sued a board for censuring them (as it happens, the suit merely established standing to sue, I don't know whether it actually resulted in judgment). He argued that he had a good understanding of racial issues because his wife is from Ghana where they don't have racial issues, and she didn't see a problem. I'd previously clashed with Ed over his lunatic proposal to fix diversity problems by letting members apply some of their WSBA dues to MBAs, so I thought I'd sit this one out but eventually I asked the list what it was about. The first response nettled me by advising that if I were sincere I could find out by reviewing the recording of the 2 day Board meeting. My first impulse was to respond sharply but fortunately my better angels resulted in a much more neutral/professional tone; and two people swiftly sent me to a 10minute clip that was persuasive within its first minutes. I then commented that I understood why people were unhappy and in reference to the defense of the misbehavior said "horsefeathers".

Ed came back saying that my response was like some movie clip where a callow white guy says racism is bad. He intended to be insulting but to everyone but me it must have seemed sad. It is difficult for me to resist his trolling but I succeeded - much against my first impulse - and I think I have a better understanding where he sits on that listserve.

I hope I keep the wisdom not to feed the trolls in other venues.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Voted Monday


During our walk, we cast our ballots and I got red tree hair.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Postcard Sunday

That's a Lot of Postcards!

 Last night we had our (approximately) biweekly DND session until almost midnight. I slept in almost until 6:30, when IIRC a cat woke me for breakfast. It's my job, I guess!

I finished the PostCards2SwingStates - being short 7 stamps which I can pick up tomorrow. I celebrated by walking over to walk Alice's dog. It was 7384 steps for me (it's Sunday, I'm not going to do the full 10,000!) and for Tess the dog - a lot less!

I finished up another batch of applesauce to freeze for the winter, with a little to enjoy now. The bullet blender makes it very easy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Soggy Tuesday

We walked despite the rain, and it was worth it, but soggy. I tried to get a selfie of me in the rain, and I'm not sure it's attractive - but it's what it is.

Later the sun came out and I walked Tess The Dog again, although mostly she wanted to sit in the park and look around.
I was really cranking through the GOTV mail when the Vote Foreward site congratulated me - saying I'd prepared 300 letters - and if I wanted to be a super volunteer, to send a photo of the letters I'd prepared so far and a message I was sending. I understand - they can't afford having a wrecker involved. I can always do more for Sierra club if necessary, but I sent in the information they requested because I like the group.
GOTV Letters Ready!

In the evening we had a TM Club 832 Executive Committee meeting, resulting in several To-Dos for me. We have so much potential!