Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Alien Spiky Sphere Sighting!

 These are actually quite small but when I crop the photo closely, the size is hard to determine. They could be scary alien visitors!

I had thought they were horse chestnuts but the facebook consensus is that they are most likely

  • Betty Anderson: ouch
  • Patrick J. Luby: they're back......
  • Pamela Palombi McCollum: Ow ow ow ow!
  • Jon Caulkett: what are they?
    • Randall E. Winn - Jon Caulkett I assumed they were horse chestnuts, but little aliens remains a possibility
  • Leslie C. MacPherson Randall E. Winn yup, on both counts
  • Jacob Drahos: camels on the sahara
  • Aimée Moran: Macro-COVIDs
  • Joann Raley: Thar she blows!
  • Vicki Jackson McGaugh: Sweetgum tree balls. We cut the trees down, since they blow over easily during hurricanes. Their lumber is all but useless and the wood is hard to split and pops too much for firewood. Bonfires are all it's good for.
  • Rita Mallon: "Covid gang terrorizes the city"
  • Leah Vandiver Barrett : Dangerous tumbleweed Michelle Garamella : We called those itchy balls through childhood fallen from the front yard tree
  • Susan Smith Sanford : I remember well! I lived on the beach in my 20s, and every time I took my little poodle outside, I had to pull those off of him. Not an easy chore...
  • Donna Stolz : COVID clusters that stayed in the sun for a long time. ☀️
  • Leslie C. MacPherson Yup on both counts
  • Stephani Moss : Abstract snowman
  • Jennifer Lee Carillio-Biggin : Covid is coming! Haha😄🤣
  • Heather Gray : Nice photo!
  • Holly C Michaud : They are also known as witch burrs or witch balls (true story) and used in many spells. 3 is a protection number so i would say don't mess with the local squirrels lol 🐿🐿
    • Randall E. Winn Holly C Michaud do NOT mess with the squirrels. Or the crows. They remember!
  • Jazmyne Richards: I’d caption it, “My poor bare feet”
  • Cathleen Barszewski Falconer : From sweet gum trees … I looked it up last year because the cemetery at the end of our street had so many. My first thought was they were horse chestnuts but they were hollow which is why I ended up researching them.
    • Randall E. Winn Cathleen Barszewski Falconer thanks! I will check them next time I see some!
  • Jasper Z Cruill: alignment
  • Rebecca Phillips: Gods Art !!
  • Dawn Powell : The prickly road!
  • Danny Berry: they're from Sweet Gum trees.
  • Nick White: They look like sweet gum balls to me - at least that's what we call them in Atlanta
  • Kathleen Hoffman: Ouchie!
  • Joe Defazio: obstacle course on my lawn
  • Peggy Brogan: Death Trap for Seniors - I am well qualified to so caption, since one of them, subtly moving on its own volition while I was standing perfectly still, dropped me face first in the back yard of the then-new home.
  • Sandy Martin : Line dancing aliens … put your right tentacle out ….
  • Robert A. Riccobene: A Rolling Sea Urchin Gathers No Moss...

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Trillium and Sword Fern


Every day, look to see something beautiful.

Or funny.

Or that just makes you smile!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

fire hydrants for decorative purposes only


Today's walk involved delivering some yarn I was giving away through Buy Nothing. I like to have a purpose when walking!

I took me through a few blocks that I do not recall every visiting, in the process of which I passed this miniature park (possibly owner by an adjacent apartment complex, I'm not sure) which looks to be the finest dog exercise area of its size that I've ever seen!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Seven images from today

Dog Seen On Walk
More Beauty Seen On Walk
Tulips At Stump Mesa
This is where they keep the rain
It snowed today!
I really like my Trillium
He looks scary but just wants to sniff!

  • Signed up for NAD+ study (bioanalytica.io) study. I’ll get Fitbit and instructions in the mail soon
  • STU Zoom practice for contests - help Yuki and observe Alexandre likewise coaching. Impressed with Yuki'd use of hand+glove for prop character. 
  • Gamed w/Ed and Borgette but “Elfenland” which is not really that great a game

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Easter egg tree


People do all sorts of things with the roundabouts - which are owned by nobody but cared for by the neighborhood. This is the first Easter Egg tree I've see but it's an inspirational thought about the possibilities. I've added a few plants to our roundabout but maybe it's time to go to the next level.

Today I finally sold the chickenhouse that Carlos abandoned on my property. A lot of people on Facebook expressed interested but only Jane and Gil (who live around 11th and Webster) actually showed up (with a jar of jam!) They’ll pick up sometime but at least it is going to a good home!

To pick up the last bit of steps I returned a book to the Greenbridge library. I often forget that it is closer than Target or HPCS.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Walking + Birdwatching = Birdwalking


You see the darnest things when you walk around in the morning. It would be easier with a telephoto lens on my phone.


  • On the way back from walks, I dropped off a bucket Miner’s Lettuce to Gina Glascow-Wills (who had helped with a load of sewing machines
  • Met with Laura Eshbach at The Missing Piece over WPTL presidency - I feel this will work well!!
  • Held the evening TM832 EC Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday: Imp stakes her claim!


Fine, THIS is my favorite shot of Imp in her magazine holder. She likes hanging out there while I work, and can watch the birds and squirrels come to the seeds on put on the porch table.

Nancy FB'd me if I could take some stuff that she was getting by helping someone clean out the home of a little old lady who had died. I said sure and before I thought twice, had two carloads in my living room. This is REALLY cutting into my plans to neaten up the yellow room into more organized storage of goods to give away, but on the other hand it is a ch

More donations to sort!
Well, it was my choice to take this on.

allenge and an opportunity so here we go!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday stay for meetings

 Sunday I walked over to Alice's to drop off yet more sign wireframes (picked up on my trails from abandoned or outdated signs - political campaigns from last Novembers, estate sales from last month) for her to use in the next Winter Wander, or for whatever purpose she sees fit. Her dog barked protectively but would not pass the invisible fence, and I would not test him by crossing it myself. Instead I stood at the largely symbolic gate, ready to leave the items there, but Alice came out, apologizing that she was on the phone - I observed she was working and that was all.

I walked over to The Missing Piece for my Sunday coffee, then home with a load of aluminum. At 4 I played Codenames with Ed, Mary and the rest. At 6 was the West Seattle Time Bank book club, which was pretty good, but I cut out early when I got a message from Alex that she had a last few things that needed to go immediately so she could leave. I drove over, picked up the stuff, and bade her bye. They are off to California!

I dropped off Alex's frozen items to Inge, who had put in for them on Buy Nothing and seemed surprised to see me. Then - home!

I had 3 or 4 boxes of Alex's family's stuff to sort through for donating on Friday to the Refugee Center. It set me back on cleaning out my house but it's for a good cause.

I did not take much in the way of photos today, which is remarkable. One of Alex's items that needed a new home is a magazine holder that I was not sure what to do with, since it seemed an unlikely item for refugees.  I set it on my table while I did something else, and Imp promptly claimed it. I'm still pondering what pose of her in it I prefer: looking at me, or pensive? both express her personality.

Saturday, April 09, 2022