Friday, December 09, 2016

Another One Rides The Bus

I finished my 2nd week back at Treasury and feel good about it. It's not as remunerative as I would like, and perhaps as I need, but it's solid work that I have mastered. That feels good.
The bus pass situation is more complex since they switched over to a two-part system of funding the pass and then having us buy the pass monthly, but I suppose it saves money, so whatever. I am using the morning time to do the breathing exercises prescribed to lower my blood pressure, and the evening time either to catch up on reading to, when I'm lucky, to chat up one of my neighbors who often takes the same route.
Time goes by very quickly this way, so I have to be very organized!

Monday, December 05, 2016

The internet is everywhere and forever

The internet is everywhere and forever. When racists tell the world and eternity that that they are racist, they are killing your future opportunities. Be as racist as you want in the privacy of your thoughts, but when you act and speak, remember that expressing racism brands you as a fool.