Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Existence Is Coming!

David Brin has a new book out ...

...this guy's books are always interesting. "Earth" and his "Uplift" series in particular. It is therefore with great confidence that I suggest you look into this work when it comes to your bookstore!

Think about these reviews:
  • "Existence is a book that makes you think deeply about both the future and life's most important issues. I found it fascinating and I could not put it down."
    --Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures.
  • "In Existence, David Brin takes on one of the fundamental themes in science fiction--and what is also one of the fundamental questions humanity faces in this century. Since Brin is both a great storyteller and one of the most imaginative writers around, Existence is not to be missed."
    --Vernor Vinge, bestselling author of A Fire Upon The Deep.
  • "Take a world soaked in near-future strangeness and complexity... Add a beautiful alien artifact that turns out to be the spearpoint of a very dangerous, very ancient invasion... Hotwire with wisdom and wonder... Existence is as urgent and as relevant as anything by Stross or Doctorow, but with the cosmic vision of Bear or Benford. Brin is back."
    --Stephen Baxter, bestselling author of The Time Ships.
These are authors whose opinion I trust, because their work is very good.Here's what Brin says on his blog:
BRIN: "...The book won't be in stores for 3 weeks (June 19). You can sample free chapters on my newly redesigned website! And/or pre-order from Mysterious Galaxy or Amazon.
Another cool featurette: see my Q&A about Existence - also about human destiny and the transformative power of science fiction - at the Orbit Books site. And check out the 3-D cover (a new technology debuts with this book) that will only run with the U.K. first printing.Tell your friends ..."
 In a few short weeks I'll get my copy and then post a review. If Existence is anything close to as good as Earth, we are in for a big treat!

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