Saturday, July 13, 2019

A flock of crocosmia take flight from my neighbor's parking strip

Why You Should Know Basic Math

MATH QUIZ: write your own question based on the prices presented in this unretouched photo.

The cashier fixed the problem when I asked before ringing up, but I wonder how many customers didn't think to ask. Also unanswered: was this a keypunch error, or just the result of someone's last day at work?

The Good Samaritan in Trump's America

In Trump's America, would the Good Samaritan be arrested for aiding a many with no documents before or after he was bankrupted paying the medical bills?
I am saddened but not surprise to discover so many of my friends and even family abandon the clear teachings of religion when it comes to brown-skinned people seeking refuge from violence. It's as if they slept through Sunday School, and never heard of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. The crime and the shame of the way our health care is a hostage to insurance companies just compounds our problems.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

At The Y

I love my classes at the Y, but it's a challenge to get a photo that is both interesting and doesn't infringe of the privacy of my friends there. Then ... I saw the corner mirrors ...

"My husband left to work on a 'project'" by Jenn

My friend Jenn is blogging about her experiences.
Recently another site posted (with her permission) her true story: "My husband left to work on a 'project'. Receipts for bars and motels started showing up".

It's a brave story to publish, and perhaps it will help some people recognize signs of problems. Well done Jenn!

It looks active while standing still.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Liberty And Justice for All

From All-Star Comics #22, Fall, 1944

Neighbor Antenna

COOL STUFF: Near my bus stop, someone has a Truly Tall Antenna. Maybe a radio hobbyist My brother-in-law Ralph, who knows about stuff like this, says it appears to be a multi-band "ham" antenna such as this

Me Pre-Grey

I need to collect a few pictures of myself over time, so here are a few from before the grey. I'm not sure of the year.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Isle Of Cats: this game calls to me

I jumped at this kickstarter. I want a new board game, I like tile-laying, and the topic amuses.

Isle of Cats

How the U.S. Cashed in on Puerto Rico

How the U.S. Cashed in on Puerto Rico is a useful history of America's colony taken from Spain in 1898 and developed as an agricultural servant of Wall Street.
It's published by The Nib, an amazing webzine of illustrated history and politics.

Down on the corner

A neighbor's parking strip