Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Financial Cleanup

As part of financial planning for next year, I gave my Discover card statement a careful look and was surprised to see HBOnow was charging me every month. Indeed for April and May, they charged me twice a month!
I remember subscribing to see the last season of Game Of Thrones - so not worth it! - and then canceling. But - and this is a lesson - I didn't review my credit card details, so here we are.
I called HBO and they said I'd signed up two different email accounts and only 1 was canceled. I recall having trouble accessing HBOnow, so perhaps I signed up more than once, figuring that my first attempt failed. Either way, I recall canceling and being told I was canceled (in particular, that it would still be available until the end of the month or something).
The CSR said that he could close the account immediately and they had a no-refund policy but he'd escalate it to a team that would email me with their decision. I asked him to note that I had called to cancel my account and it's their responsibility to cancel the account. I wonder just how many ghost accounts there are out there, sapping people's credit cards for nothing.
It's got to be good money.
I'll wait and see how this turns out. It's over $100 and worth following up.
However I simply must put review of credit card statement on the monthly list. I'm busy but this cost money.

I saw I was still making monthly donations to worthy causes. I need to pull back until I have completed my transition. I called the numbers on the transactions, both of which invited me to email them. I like that; email is self documenting in a way the telephone is not.

While I'm at it, I logged into Chewy and delayed the next order of flea treatment. I have more than I need right now so it can wait.

I responded to an email about an Alexa class action lawsuit (after doing a little due diligence on the sponsoring law firm.)

This financial check up can be fun (and profitable!)

A fan of homegrown chard

This stuff is really good, and it grows all winter (albeit slowly)

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Last Of The Cherry Tomatoes

The last of the cherry tomatoes include a few unhurried blossoms I'll leave on the vine.