Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bike Is Back

Saturday morning I skipped coffee before going to the Y for Trucker Molly's morning class. I think this really helped; my body felt funny the first 3 times up the hill, but by the 2nd set of 3 I felt normal (uncomfortably short of breath but doable) and the last set of three was merely too hard. I went home and Kris made a leftover omelet. Since the only cheese in the house was mozzarella, and the cabbage way outweighed the egg, the result was not like any classical omelet I'd ever seen, but it was tasty and the bod loved it. A quick nap to recuperate and then I walked to Aaron's to pick up my bike. I had had a call from Cyril expressing grave concern over the rules for having a cookout at the VA Hospital, which he'd just gotten. They are detailed and he didn't think it could be done since he'd let his food handler license lapsed. We'll meet on Tuesday with Dane and work through the requirements to see how to fix this stuff; my role is to be positive and solve the problem. While walking, I stopped by Meat The Butcher and asked if he knew anyone with a food card who might be free on the 4th - making it clear upfront that I wasn't asking for product or money, we had all that. He didn't know for sure, but would ask - it's a busy day for everyone of course. He did say he needed to talk food with Cyril so I gave him the phone number; maybe they'll network. I proceeded and safe the Coffeeshop next to Proletariat was open. I hadn't had any coffee yet so I went in to practice conversation. They clearly had their witty on and that helped me to respond in kid. Before I got far into my pitch, they pointed out a King County Food Card is easy to get; the instruction is all online. I checked on my phone and there it was! It was definitely worth the coffee! Aaron's was crazy busy, but I was not in a hurry. I petted the dog and looked at the strange bike bits until they wheeled out my treasure. There was a quick lesson in the new gearing, cover points like diagonal gearing which I would not have thought of, and away I went. I feel so good on that bike; I want to ride every day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Of Restoration

Tuesday I spent at home doing chores. There's a lot that necessarily slid while I was away, and I feel renewed from my vacation.
I shall have to remember to take vacations more often; it may not be necessary to travel far, but simply the change in location and forced alteration in routine seems to have cleaned out some crud from my mental processes.
The cats were happy to see me too!
I am trying to minimize the odd jobs while I work on longer-term items, such as taxes and eliminating the storage area, but when I get calls with bonuses it's hard to turn them down - so I don't. Maybe it's just nice to be wanted for a task badly enough to get a bonus, however symbolic.
I hit the evening short intensive workout at the Y, which was as advertised. After the last Saturday with Trucker Molly running us up the hill, I have realized the significance of the warmup putting me into oxygen deficit, so I actually enjoyed the sensation. Perhaps "enjoyed" is the wrong word, since it's not actually pleasant, but it was reassuring to me that the process was going as it needed to go. I would prefer to be hugely able to done long bouts of cardio without breathing hard, but if the breathing hard is a signal that my body is going to be working on improvements, that makes me happy despite the discomfort. I am, however, resolved to take off the belly fat now that my new glasses let me see myself better in the mirror; since I am already doing a good level of exercise, the only alternative is diet. I haven't figured out where the extra calories sneak in but I'll try watching for a week and see what's up.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Flight Home

Monday I awoke at the Hojos, already packed for the flight home. It was at 2:30 but if I returned the rental care by 11:30 I didn't have to pay for another day. Frankly, the Cruze was not such a great car that I would pay to drive it another few hours; the sightlines are awful for someone my height, with the mirror support cutting out a big chunk of my two o'clock and occasionally giving the peripheral vision the impression of a vehicle entering on an onramp. The windshield pillars also have an odd design, actually getting wider as the approach the top, so that a noticeable part of the leftside peripheral vision is obscured as well. These effects would not occur if I was so short that my eyes barely cleared the steering wheel, but since my head brushes the ceiling even with the seat lowered all the way, it's something I had to put up with all week, and never again.
I briefly stopped by the Salvation Army Thrift on Boston Road, which I'd passed several times, but its book section was tiny. I picked a couple of possibilities but despite the posted 99 cent price, the price charged was 80% of the original book price, so no sale. They should do something about their signage too.
To complete the Trio Of Grumping, Google Maps was as crazy as ever, leading me right past the airport exit. I got the car back in plenty of time and I must say the return process seemed pretty efficient; the shuttle got me to Delta with no problem and I even had time to stop by the Subway first. On this trip, I've become a Subway fan, something which is contrary to my nature, but it was just too difficult seeking out small local food sources other than the grocer. I did use the grocery for most of my meals: celery and peanut butter make a fine breakfast, yogurt and blueberries can't be beat for lunch, with bananas for snacking. But when I was aware from my room, Subway came through.
The flight from Hartford to Minneapolis was uneventful; my seatmate was a cleancut mechanic with an auto magazine; both of us were not chatty. Minneapolis to Seattle crowded at at first I thought I was in the middle seat of the middle row - this would not have been a big issue but I do prefer an aisle seat since I'm a little bigger than average. However at the last minute, an enormously tiny person came and showed me she had seat "D"; I had either misread my ticket or remembered the "D" from my previous flight. I apologized and found my proper seat, which was actually two seats because the one next to mine was just about the only empty one on the plane. Sometimes things just work out!
Rather than do any useful work, I read a Star Trek novel that I'd found in a pile of free books in Springfield. It's never been my genre, but I see the appeal: it's a quick read with established characters that passes the time. I also worked on my cribbage game via my smartphone; I downloaded it just before I started this trip and am rediscovering the technique of winning.
Back in Seattle I got my bag and headed for public transit; the Metro Trip planner had recommended the 560 which would get me to Westwood Village fairly promptly. However by the time I got to the stop, it was gone and the next Metro-recommended route didn't get me home until after midnight. I sighed, and did my final Vacation Splurge on transport home. The STITA Booth sign advertised $45 to Seattle but when I asked about West Seattle I was quoted $50; this was crazy! I went to the shuttle and got away for "only" $39. I suppose I could have made arrangements with family but I didn't want to impose, which is silly of me.
I got home and Kris' light was still on; we made brief conversation and I went to bed.
On this trip, I experienced a lot of unconditional welcoming. This is a sensation with which I had become unfamiliar; I an used to people wanting something from me, mostly an audience for their stories as they drink or grow old. I was reminded on this trip that I deserve better, and can get better, and like it. That alone was worth the ticket.
Renewing my friendship with Sherry, my law school friends, and even Phil-and-Alyssa gave me this odd feeling like when I watch my plants grow. I suppose it's called happiness. Going up Bare Mountain was as it has always been, a thoroughly fun exercise in spiritual renewal.
This was a worthy use of the check from Mother's life insurance; I think she would approve. Thanks mom!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education! - June 7, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education!
June 7, 2014

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