Sunday, September 06, 2015

Zumba Win!

Today I completed an important task: I filled my YMCA summer exercise card.
The idea is that when we attend a class at the Y, we get a sticker to put on a card and when we fill the card with stickers, we get a special T-shirt.
I loved little contests like this. It reminds me of the reading cards we would get from the bookmobile in grade school. Perhaps it was the combination of immediate reward for one class, plus a bigger reward for a longer-term goal, that suits well the nature of most of us.
However, time was running short as Labor Day approached. What with the house moving and reshuffling I was going to be a class short because Fauntleroy was closed on Saturday. I decided to hit the Sunday zumba, something I'd never done. The class was packed! I couldn't help wonder if there were others trying for their last sticker. The class was fun in itself, and great exercise, and I was happy to turn in my card.