Saturday, August 27, 2016

Go Past, Collect $200

It''s been nearly a month since I logged something in my adventures. This particular event is of importance to no-one but me, but it's important to me.
Saturday mornings I go to the Barre Basics class at the Fauntleroy YMCA, and it is always joy. The current instructor carefully matches the motions of each exercise to the music; for example the length of the set is the length of the song, with the result that I end up going a lot farther than I had in the past, knowing that there really is just 16 more reps. Also I often end up dancing the moves, which may be funny to look at (...I don't know, but no-one else seems to do this....) and for some reason dancing a plank or a pushup makes it a lot easier. I no longer find 3-minute planks a challenge. The improvement in my fitness is noticeable.
However Kris often shows up with her boyfriend. Normally this would not be a big deal; we pick opposite ends of the gym and he seems like a decent enough guy from a distance. However, I was still paying for her YMCA membership with her stated promise the she'd pay me - it was just more convenient to continue the arrangement we've always had ever since I first persuaded her to give fitness a chance.
It's been a year. Her share of the monthly membership is $50. She's paid some cash a space heater and an old laptop ($300 when we got it, but she lost the battery and it's way out of date.)
I finally had had it. When she texted me a phone expression of concern and hint that she'd pay up, in order to trick me into bringing her the tribal allotment check that was mailed to my address, I really thought she was going to give me cash or a check. Instead she gave me attitude.
This just shows how karma works. I should not have continued paying for Kris' Y membership because membership for two individuals is different than for a married couple. I justified this in my mind with the idea that I was donating extra to the Y, and at the time I was really short on money, and because ... well, I can always come up with an excuse for doing the wrong thing. I really can.
And this was the result: Kris stiffing me yet again. I don't think it's even the money; it's the power. She enjoys tricking men into doing things for her.
I took her off my membership (keeping the charitable contribution, because.) I texted her that she still owed me and when I saw her at the Y I would ask for it. She didn't reply; she never replies to texts that challenge her.
I was later than usual getting to the Y today because of something I was doing with the cats. I parked in my usual spot and crossed the parking lot a large shiny black pickup pulled in. If this were a story, I would say that I noticed something about it, but the truth is I stopped and checked to see if I had my wallet on me; I did my usual slap-every-pocket routine and discovered it in a different pocket than usual. Eh, whatever. I looked up and there was Kris, barely visible through the pickup's tinted windows, waving at me with her usual mock cheerfulness.
Or maybe it was real cheerfulness. Who knows?
I gave her the eyebrow, went in and waited. When she checked in she greeting me again with cheerfulness, and I asked if she was going to pay now. The storm clouds feel on her face as I have seen so often before. I reminded her that she needed to pay for her Y membership. She looked at the clerk who had the most wonderful air of professional neutrality (and who, by coincidence, had processed the change in membership a week ago), pulled out her bank card and asked how much. I said she had to pay me because I'd been paying for her. Kris looked at me with her full intimidating gaze and said fine. I departed from the usual script and asked when? She asked what am I doing after class (....note that, per custom, she still had not answered a question...). I said "Getting paid, it seems.". She said fine and stomped off.
I apologized to the clerk for her having to have seen that. She has a great neutral face.
Class was great, as always. I can see results measurable by the increased weights and so forth needed to challenge me.
After class, Kris acted all happy, asking how much. She said she could give me $200 today and promised the rest later. I said I would take $200 in full settlement just to have it all over (Actually I don't know how much she was behind; this comes of not keeping good records!) We could meet at the usual bank in about 20 minutes. At the bank, her boyfriend stayed with the truck while Kris handed me the cash.I thanked her. She seemed to want to say something. I waited. Nothing really came out except she complimented my shirt. I said ok. She made small talk for a while longer and then said to give her regards to the girls. We parted.
This was a moment as important as the one at which I told her I was not moving out of my home just so she could have her own bathroom. I had been accommodating and more than accommodating but I finally drew a very reasonable line and stuck with it.
As a result, I have $200 and a home. Go me!