Saturday, March 23, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019


My trillium leaves and petals have a curl to them that I haven't seen before. I wonder if it's just the weather, or if I have just caught this in the middle of unrolling from the buds

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Reflections

My Facebook friend Lily Casura posted this image ("Questions For Weekly Review") and it inspires me to think:
1. What worked well this week? What did I learn?
2. What were my fortunate developments, insights and opportunities for thankfulness?
3. What did not work well? What could I do differently next week or next time?
1. This week was all about finishing preparations for my new renter, Heather. If it didn't get done by this weekend it was not going to get done. The deadline worked well to focus my attention!
2. I continue to be thankful for Buy Nothing Highland Park, Seattle, WA as a way to pass on the many objects I no longer need but can't stand to waste. Some things are still useable but are not really resellable, such as an old vacuum, a pile of slightly worn towels or a bag of battered books.
3. I have had to face the fact that years of carefully 3-hole punching my bank statements, utility bills and similar ephemra, and organizing them in 3-ring binders, did not really accomplish my objective of being well organized. It just took up space. I have been gradually cutting over to scanning documents into the cloud and recycling the paper. This week I took the step of passing on all those 3 ring binders (via "Buy Nothing" - thanks again!). My home office is much crisper!