Saturday, February 22, 2020

#IVoted Today

I'm happy to vote today in the Washington State primary for Elizabeth Warren.
Now, I'm fine with all the Democratic candidates, but she got the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau going and that is something we all benefit from!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

At My Home: Crocusses and P-I Little Free Library

it's un-retouched, although I chose the position very carefully. The crocuses are very close - in reality they are only a couple of inches across. The P-I box is an old newspaper box from a sadly defunct paper, which I use for a "little free library". It's about 3 feet tall.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What I Did For President's Day

I try to take pictures when I plant stuff so later I'll remember. This President's Day I stopped by McLendon's and got some Trillium bulbs to supplement the lonely trillium I've had under my big tree for years.
I also try to post one picture that's pretty, or funny, or interesting while on the bus to work. Tuesday I had this to work with so I tried adding a funny caption and let go.
The darn spell checker changed "Trilliums" to "Trillions" and I didn't notice until it got comments. Well, I guess I succeeded at being funny; just not how I'd hoped haha!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Family Ties

I wore the yellow and blue tie at St. Ed's, but not often. I really don't like clip-ons

I wore the blue tie with red and yellow stripes at St. Ed's. It has a tiny, pin-prick size burn - maybe from a cigarette ash? I never knew how it got there. I may have worn some of the others also, but not the painted duck tie. That was dad's, and never worn by anyboy to my memory.

I've seen photos of us boys dressed fancy with clip-on bow ties, but I have no memory of it
As I continue to sort through stuff, I came across this bag which I think was from cleaning out mom's apartment. I recognize some of the ties but far from all of them.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Button Jar

I am cleaning things out, shrinking the pile of detritus because I do like a neat home, but I can't just throw things in the trash. I'm also looking to take an interesting picture every day. I found this jar of buttons and, before I offered it up on "Buy Nothing" for the crafters, posted it on Facebook asking for comments.

My sister Sharon identified it as Mom's button jar that she used to play with as a child, and asked to have it.
I remember mom having a button can, but I don't remember the jar. However she was of a time where you saved everything because money was short. Also she sewed quite a lot so saving nice buttons just made sense.
I set it aside for Sharon at Christmas, or whenever we would get together, along this this jar of pretty rocks, which seems to come from the same time (but I have no memory of either so who knows?)