Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday Triple Play

Today I awoke early and cataloged free CLE for a while, until it was time to go upstairs for coffee. I went to the Y for the Saturday morning class - since the weather was decent, we did our warmups outside, consisting mostly of running up and down a hill. There were planks and stuff too, but they were basically restful after running uphill. All-in-all, a fine class and I fell I had really earned my chow.
Since the showers were holding off, I decided to take my bike to Aaron's for a tune-up. It really hadn't gotten care for years, so I figured it was worth it, considering all the benefits it could give me. Kris wanted to come along so we walked and talked as friends. The tune-up process took maybe an hour, and they'll have to come back for more extensive work in June, but for now they're rideable, and  took great pleasure in riding back.
In the evening I went to a Sustainable West Seattle meeting, and decided to join. It was an interesting group of people working on things that interested me, and I need to get out a bit anyway.
This evening I have completed the cataloging of events for the 4freeCLE blog, and have set up the weekly newsletter for editing. I had hoped to get it done tonight, but I almost always work on it on Sunday, so that'll be o.k.
Today's picture comes from my experimenting with the herb garden. Kris seems highly averse to dealing with anything that comes out of the garden, but I've discovered I like grabbing chives or whatever, when it's available. They may be a place for dried herbs in a baggie or a jar, but the first step is to dry some out.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Ants On A Log As Preventive Medicine

Ants n A Log
Most Fun
Medicine Ever!
My doctor recommended I change my diet to improve my blood pressure. It's a lot cheaper than medicine (and a lot wiser than doing nothing.)
However, I was startled at the recommendation: "Three stalks a day."
Three stalks - every day? That's a lot of celery. How would I do that?
I sure do like salad. Most Sunday evenings, I chop up a big bowl of green salad, starting with a quality lettuce (no iceberg! it has almost zero nutrition) and adding whatever's at hand in the fridge: carrots, radishes, whatever. My yard garden adds chives and, lately, dandelion greens (including the yellow flowers in moderation). Tofu, shredded cheese, a boiled egg, maybe a can of chickpeas - the mixing is a fun little game to see what the result is this week. I can then have salad every day til about Friday with no problem.
To get 3 stalks of celery in my five-day salad would be 15 stalks of celery!
Doc Wendy mentioned smoothies, which I suppose is a popular option, but I'm not really a smoothie guy. Maybe some day.
Then  remembered something my sister Kat facebooked last month: Ants On A Log. I hadn't had those in years, but they seemed easy and tasty.
I put peanut butter (the real stuff - not the kind with sugar added) on a stalk of celery and topped with raisins (good potassium, fiber and all the sweetness you want) on a stalk of celery and cut into convenient lengths, and tasted.
This was a rare snack as a child, practically a party food if we had it at all, but now I could have as much as I want - and it's medically indicated!
Life is good.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education! April 27, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education!
April 27, 2014
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