Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017 Memes

London was attacked but did not panic.

Sometimes the grifters are a little too obvious.

This just made me laugh. Christofascists are just so stupid.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Highland Park Improvement Club Book Swap

The summer reading program at out local elementary school needed books, and the local civic organization (the Highland Park Improvement Club) stepped up with a book swap Sunday. One of the organizers asked if I'd bring some books - both children's books for the youths and adult books for their parents - prompted no doubt by the Little Free Library I host in my front yard.
I am clearing out the detritus of years, which includes a lot of stock for culling and resale that never made it into the listing process. Amazon's rates have increased to the point that formerly marginal books are losers, and my finding a regularly paying job means that time spent on slightly profitable books is a loss. Even the time culling is a loss since the profit from the whole enterprise at this point approaches nil.
I took six or eight boxes to HPIC and boy were they surprised! Looking back, I see that they expected five or ten, maybe twenty books, and what they got  was literally half the stock they had to swap. I made sure to ask if they wanted help cleaning up if it didn't all get distributed, and they assured me that they would take care of it. They may have a small lending library at HPIC now, haha!
I chose not to tell them of the other 3 boxes in the trunk, which I had earmarked for the VA Hospital Lending library. Instead, I drove over there and put them in, and then treated myself to stopping by Pegasus Book Exchange and hanging out. There's always a good conversation and plenty to read!
The end result of the day is that I clear out ten or more boxes, not counting the recycling. I have much left to do on the house but at least I have a method now.
I am currently collecting and reviewing bids for the heating system. I have an acceptable bid but I feel that I ought to get a couple more just to be meticulous. I am having to weigh the raw price against the fuzzy notion of service. If there was an easy answer, I would already have it, but I do have the comfort of knowing that I already have an acceptable answer - I am merely trying to do better!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chesterfield Watching Over Me, Or Behind Me Anyway

Ever get the feeling someone is watching you?

I love this photo, but it's a total setup. The way to get a picture of a cat looking at you is to stand where the cat is looking. I love this cat but he's not quick - or maybe he has his own interests.