Thursday, October 24, 2019

Zumbaween 2019

My Zumbaween [Halloween Zumba class] costume tonight! My personal rule is to make it myself, so I have to keep it pretty simple. This one was especially fun to make!
In retrospect, the photo might have been funnier if I'd looked down so instead of my face it would have the top of my shaved and painted head looking like a balloon with ears and maybe eyes peeking up. Oh well, live and learn!

You can't spell "clover" without "love"

There's still a little bit of this on the way to the bus. It's easily overlooked but pretty close up!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Very rare Seattle Catgrass (Nopetme Cataria)

This is from the weekend, after a visit to the vet. Arthur loves this little garden by the veterinarian office, where he has to go about monthly to have his eye drained.
I've learned not to let him play in it before seeing the doctor, because he gets unhappy. Instead, this is sort of a reward for after the visit.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

I Support #RecognizeKSRU

After I practiced next Tuesday's speech, I rewarded myself by reading the daily Schlock Mercenary. In the notes, the author talked about his next printing project and how he supported Kickstarter United, the unionization effort. I hopped over to their website and it all makes sense.

I support Kickstarter staff, who are working to form a union. The success of this and so many Kickstarter projects is due in part to the hard work of the company’s employees, and I believe in their right to unionize.
At this time, union organizers are not calling for a boycott. Instead, they’re asking supporters to raise their voices and make our solidarity known. Here’s how we can help:
  • Email Kickstarter’s senior leadership: kickstarter-sot[at] post your support using #RecognizeKSRU 
  • Post a picture showing your solidarity and tag @ksr_united download a version of our logo to use as your icon on Kickstarter, Twitter, and anywhere else 
  • Back projects that show solidarity with Kickstarter United 
  • Have another idea? get in touch!
I call on Kickstarter’s senior leadership to recognize the union now, and I hope you’ll join me. Solidarity forever 🤝

Visit their website!

And thanks to Howard Taylor for alerting us to this!

Rainy Day In The Garden

A rainy day is a good day to tend the plants in the #HealingGarden at VA Puget Sound Healthcare System. The pot in the foreground was empty so I added periwinkle that needed to be thinned from my yard anyway, an azalea from the market on 16th SW, and compost from my bin (so technically banana peels and pizza boxes passed through worm guts haha!)