Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

"Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?" is one of the most fun books to read aloud ever!
There isn't really any "plot"; the main character is the titular Mr. Brown, who has not only the ability to make a great many noises, but the will to go around doing so, calmly and seriously! 
What kid doesn't love the idea of a grown-up making silly animal noises? Many will join in the fun as you read it with them. This means learn to read takes place without boredom! 
As with so many of Seuss's works, there is some deep pedagogical stuff going on beneath the playful surface. Take the word "Moo" in the title. Children who know that cows go "moo" don't have to be told that two o's together make an "oooooo" sound; many will see the cow, see the letter M followed by some letters, and unconsciously figure out that this is the sound "Moo"! You can ignore all that if you like. It's a fun book that many children will enjoy having re-read to them until they can read it themselves, and what could be better?

The Amazing Dr. #GOP Explains It All For You!

Are you worried that the good jobs have been shipped to China?
Is it too hard to find things "Made In USA" ... or jobs making them?
Remember the economic collapse in 2008 ... wasn't that something to do with bankers gambling with our money?
Could it be that the millionaires running our economy don't really care about you?
Don't worry! Dr. GOP has the solution to your worries. Just looking into his Hypnotic Spiral and repeat along with him the soothing forumulas.
You'll never be burdened by thinking again!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Free, On-Demand #MCLE For Last-Minute Education

In many jurisdictions, attorneys can use free, on-demand recordings to earn CLE credit before year-end. Here's a selection specifically designed to satisfy Washington State's maximum allowance of 22.5 AV credits per three-year period. It should also be useful for attorneys in many other states; PLI and Lexvid courses in particular are usually accredited in most mandatory CLE states.

1. Ethics

The elusive ethics credit is called by a variety of names in different states, e.g. Professionalism.

2. Any Subject (But Only 2 Credits)

If you want your free CLE to address a particular subject matter, you can find the broadest possible selection from two providers who offer a free program just for registering with them. Programs after the 1st one will cost you, but I just don't see a downside to trying these offers!
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering! 
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering!

3. Subject Matter Potpourri

Here are more than 20 credits from free, On-Demand MCLE accreditted in Washington State and several other states.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Your Long Internet Essay Really Changed My Mind!

One up side of the internet is that anyone can speak their piece and get an audience of some sort.
One down side is that most of us don't know how to speak persuasively. Piling on more words feels good and doesn't work.
Sure, there are subjects that require a lot of words to express. That's why you go to school for years to learn how to do math and science and stuff. But they have to be the right words, and that takes a lot of time to craft.
Luckily, there are always cats to help explain things!

Monday, December 24, 2012

A new golden era of short form writing

ANSWER: Diapers for the baby, chocolates for the mother, and an order of child support for the missing father. QUESTION: What did the Three Wise Women bring?
the internet is bringing a new golden era of short-form writing, as writers are now rewarded with instant publication, audience, and feedback on the quality of their work. Facebooks statuses alone spawn endless short adventures in fiction or comedy! My little Xmas joke above may have been heard by five or ten people in the old days, but now it's seen by hundreds, and a few give feedback.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter! December 23, 2012

4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter!
December 23, 2012
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Ethics Credits On-Demand 
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2 Free CLE On Almost Any Subject
Jesse Gammons
Free CLE On Almost Any Legal Subject?
If you want free, on-demand CLE and are very picky as to subject matter, you can find the broadest possible selection from two providers who offer a free program just for registering with them. You can find programs on almost any legal subject. Programs after the 1st one will cost you, but I just don't see a downside to trying these offers!
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering! 
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering!

20+ Credits of On-Demand CLE 
Interacting Via Computer
All You Need For On-Demand CLE Is Your Time And The Internet!
Yes, you can earn over 20 credits between now and year-end!
Find more on-demand programs at 4freeCLE's List of On-Demand CLE.

Webcast CLE
Successful Lawyers Plan Ahead For 2013!
Get ready for the new year by calendar a few free programs!
Find more webcasts at 4freeCLE's Web-Based CLE.

In-Person CLEs Let You Network As You Learn!
In-Person CLEs State-by-State

In planning your free CLE calendar for next year, consider your role in the process. Do you take in-person CLEs passively, or do you actively prepare by considering:
  • What do I want to get from this program?
  • Who am I likely to meet there?
  • What impression am I likely to give them of me, my practice, and how we might work together?
  • How can I maximize my use of my time at the CLE with prior preparation both for the formal education and the informal networking?
These are not trick questions; they are the same preparation you would make for any any potential client meeting or networking opportunity. Invest a few minutes of preparation so that when a door opens, you're ready to walk through! 

Need More By Year-End?
As the year winds down, many professionals face a need to earn credit quickly at little cost. If this is your situation, email the editor and I'll see if I can locate something helpful. If you are able to use online recordings, you should be able to get much of your need satisfied.
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