Thursday, March 08, 2018

Mac And Cheese

Mac And Cheese from scratch is so easy to make, so satisfying in cold weather, and so very economical! I am unreasonably happy about glass lids too. I reason that they make it easier to monitor progress, but really I just like the look. I can't be profound all the time!

Imp and Me

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Which Smart Hom Environment Would You Recommend?

When I posted that question on FB, expecting Amazon, Google or Other, the answers I got
  • Amazon 100% . We bought a smart tv so we could lower our ridiculously expensive Comcast bill. It came with Rocu (sp) and synced to my Amazon prime account tons of old movies tv show documentaries etc, we also have netflix. 
  • I love Alexa!
  • Cancel cable TV get ROKU, you will save a fortune.
  • Your body and brain. The others is the gov'mint spyin'on ya!!
  • At this point I thought I hadn't been clear so I commented: Thanks 4 yr tips so far. I don't watch much tv but I'd like smart locks to support airbnb, may be environmental controls and something to play with the cats remotely. No internal cameras though; that's creepy!
  • I can lend you a Chromecast or a roku. We now use the amazon fire stick; it plays just about everything. Oh nevermind, you are asking about the assistant devices.
  • I LOVE Alexa, she is my right hand woman! Tells me where I have to be each day, has my shopping list, plays my music, don't know what I did without her.
  • None of the above.
  • Working at Best Buy, I’ve heard my coworkers say the Alexa is easier to use But both the Alexa and Google Home are essentially the same
  • I use "Stupid Brain!", when I can remember to use it
  • None
  • None. With an, "are you effing kidding me?!" thrown in for good measure ;-)
  • NONE!!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Window At Work

Not the worst workplace view at all ... just lean back in my chair and look down the aisle ....but who has time to look out the window?