Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gozales Drinking Game

Washington DC - The American Medical Association issued an emergency bulletin as ERs were flooded nationwide with cases of alcohol poisoning due to the "Gonzales Drinking Game".

"It seemed so simple," sobbed a distraught coed, whose stomach had been pumped. "We just took a sip whenever Gonzales said he didn't remember something."

"How were we to know?"

Grim-faced medical professionals say the worst is not yet past. "If Cheney or George, Jr. go under oath," warned a weary EMT, "All bets are off."

Enjoy Populist Radio on the Web

There are so many choices for populist radio fans on the web, it's hard to remember that only four short years ago, talk radio was a rightwing monopoly. Now, we have choices. Most of our nation gets one or more of these broadcast, and all of us can get them through the web!

And don't omit:

You don't have to like all of the above, but isn't it great to have choice!

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