Friday, March 29, 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The walk home has suddenly and seasonably become more colorful


If "Seattle Is Dying" why is my home value increasing?

One of my Trumpist friends retweeted a viewing of something called "Seattle Is Dying", apparently concern trolling with glee.
It looks like it's just Sinclair Broadcasting propaganda (as I know from my home value steadily increasing). Here's what real reporting looks like:
by David Kroman 
March 28, 2019

Ginny On The Grid

Ginny appreciates the flexibility of grid-and-cube storage systems

4AM Haiku

4 a.m. - Wakeful.
I try a little yoga.
On the mat, I snooze.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Me at Barre or at Zumba

This is me at at barre or at Zumba. Not a problem, just an observation.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Questions For Weekly Review

  1. What worked well this week? What did I learn? 
  2. What were my fortunate developments, insights and opportunities for thankfulness?
  3. What did not work well? What could I do differently next week or next time?

  1. My second meeting with a financial advisor work especially well. I presented the results of the homework I had been given, and we made plans for the next step. I've always felt that I should be able to do all this planning on my own, but working with someone with training saved me a lot of research time. Also, it's a lot easier to complete a list of research tasks when I know someone other than myself is going to review the results. Social Pressure Works haha!
  2. I am very fortunate that my new rental situation is working out so well. There is simply nothing to report except that everything is going well, and that's a very good thing! I had had some trepidation about renting out a piece of my house but investing in a new interior wall and door to establish clear boundaries seems to have paid off. Also, the family member who recommended the renter showed good judgment and for that I am grateful!
  3. I have not succeeded in striking a satisfactory balance in the use of social media. There seems to be an effective infinity of things to comment on, for I every time I respond to a post there remains more than when I started. This does not seem very useful and yet it is an itch that demands to be scratched. Perhaps it would be to my advantage to limit myself to one comment per hour, or something like that. Or perhaps I might resolve to respond to only in limerick. That would make me think more carefully and leave me with some limericks to share which is always a good thing.