Sunday, July 03, 2011

Estate Sale for Living Friends

Jewelry on the yard lamp
I've known Charlotte and Jim for about a decade now, through our volunteering at the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Thrift Store. She and I stock donated books while Jim tests and repairs electronics, all to be sold to raise money in support of local families. It's a great hobby and, as it turns out, a good way to make friends.
We all age. That's a basic fact of the universe. Jim and Charlotte got to the point at which an assisted living facility is a good idea. They lived 45 or more years at a house just up the hill from the store, and in the course of those many years gathered a heap of treasures, too many for the very nice new living place they choose.
Some they moved (I helped the move, and met their kids & grandkids: great people!) Some they donated or gave away. But at some point, it's time to have the estate sale, and they turned to a professional small business to organize it.
The other day, I stopped by the estate sale to show my support and pick up a momento. A piece of jewelry lept out: I'm not sure why it seemed appropriate but it was something that Kris might wear and, as it happens, it was priced at EXACTLY the amount of cash in my pocket. Here's a photo - I posed it on the yard lamp in front of Jim & Charlotte's.
The next week as I was stocking books with Charlotte, I asked about the piece. It turned out to have been her mother's, and I think she's happy that Kris will have it.
That's all: no big news, just the world turning.

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