Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Obamacare Memes

The word "meme" seems to have acquired a new meaning: a picture with words expressing an idea, such as you see here. Often these express a meme in the classic sense of the word, but often they're just jokes ... but English is a living language so let them all be memes.
It's fun to take an idea, marry it to the right picture (sometimes this requires assembling a montage, as in the first example) and then pare the words down to just few, the very few that get the idea or the joke across with punch.
It's art, I suppose.

The continuing debate over Obamacare is fodder for endless humor, most of it based on the sheer irrationality of most of its critics. There certainly is room for improvement but the sheer idiocy and dishonesty of most of its critics make them fair targets. But perhaps the worst part is this: the critics think America is a nation of quitters.

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