Sunday, October 13, 2019


My big goal for today is to set a plan and then follow it.
I do a lot of things and I accomplish a lot of goals, but an honest evaluation of my efforts is that they would be more effective if I would plan better. I can make lists and priorities and even GANTT charts and so forth, but actually sticking to the plan is difficult as I am easily distracted.
Today my plan is to
  • Plan
  • Clean for an hour
  • Take Arthur to the doc
  • Check the oil in the car and swap pants at Costco for a pair with my real size (36x32 not my idealized 34x32)
  • Garden one hour (it's not supposed to rain; being outside is the best thing for my health)
  • Earn 1 CLE credit watching AboveTheLaw's video
  • Empty inboxes
    • Phone
    • email (yahoo, gmail, outlook)
    • wooden box
  • Organize TM: followup on 10/15 meeting organization and 10/22 20x20
  • Write TM: Tip of the day for 10/15; first draft of 20x20 PP for 10/22
  • Network: check with Cyril, St. Ed's, Timebank, Buy Nothing, WPTL, what else?
  • Watch this month's movie (probably Bohemian Rhapsody but who knows?)
  • Rest on time
Let's see how that works!


  • Cleaned for an hour (got a lot more cleaning to do!)
  • My usual oil change place is closed! I rescheduled oil check for next weekend
  • Costco went fine. I have to face the fact I'm a 36x32 not 34x32!
  • Gardening was so much fun and there's so much to do I went for hours. And by "gardening" I mean "clean up the detritus of years that I'd just shoved by the recycling bin". Must of that is leftover from the Carlo era. Much of it I posted on Buy Nothing and will recycle if it doesn't go.
  • TM+Tip O'The Day draft in progress! I also checked with the meeting Toastmaster to see if other help is needed
  • Above The Law video: I didn't get to it (gardened instead). Reschedule.
  • Networking. Chatted briefly with Cyril; will meet with him Monday. Reschedule the rest
  • Move: Bohemian Rhapsody. It's excellent

Friday, October 11, 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ghosts on Lake Washington

Ghosts on Lake Washington
Today I took off work to hop a bus to Redmond for some user interviews. It's a sad fact that in two hours of work there I make a little more than I do at my current job
- but that's life! Perhaps I should just be happy with today's opportunity and forget the alternate timeline in which I took the Microsoft Orange Badge gig in the late 1990s instead of WSBA. What a change that would have been!
When the opportunity first came up I assumed I would drive, but that would have been madness. Seattle area rush hour is no fun! I checked the Metro KC trip planner and it assured me there was a route with only two transfers, which didn't really matter thanks to my pass. There was a few minutes of drama downtown as my stop was closed for construction but thanks to a nice passer by I was directed to where I could pick up my 2nd bus.
I got a nice photo going over the lake!
The event itself was fun, and thanks to the NDA all I can say is I talked a lot without a single "um"!
They let us keep our badges as souvenirs,
Or perhaps to reduce their solid waste issue
Coming back started out dramatically as I had neglected to plan out my route; my bus going there was not the optimum bus back. Again passers-by directed me to the most convenient spot to pick up the 545 back to Seattle and here I am!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

You will never be #JimmyCarterBadass

... but we can try!
 (I don't know who did the artwork but: congratulations!)

As we move into the dark season

..., these happy little lights become more important.
I leave my outdoor holiday lights up all year. Why not? They are cheerful, and as the days get shorter, we need the cheer.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Care Clinic

About a week ago my left ear started clogging up as it does about every year or two. The first couple of times this happened, I researched and discovered "Onion Earmuffs", a folk remedy that worked. You half an onion, heat it in the microwave, and hold it to your ear. Managing the heat is an issue - I wrapped it in wet clothes - but the heat itself and perhaps the fumes solved the problem.
Then came the time this didn't work. I went to a doctor who blamed it on earwax buildup and flushed. This was an uncomfortable procedure although not really painful; it just feels wrong to put thing in your ear and it was also ticklish.
The ear flush cost about $150. I had not met my insurance deductible it was all chargeable to me and I might as well not had insurance at all.
The next couple of times this happened I tried over-the-counter ear wax remover. This worked ok.
This year, it did not solve the problem. It gave immediate relief but the pressure returned after a while. Pressing or rubbing relieved the problem temporarily and it did not keep me from sleeping but I was concerned that there might be an underlying problem, such as an infection.
I called my insurer, who had a helpful nurse's line. She suggested coming in to a clinic and mentioned Bartell's had some. I called around to find the one in Jefferson Square had a "Care Clinic", but not the one in White Center.
The Care Clinic was just about the same as the doctor's visit before. My left ear had almost no wax (thank to the over the counter treatment, I suppose) and the right had plenty. The clinician mentioned my holes had a curve that made viewing a little difficult but that was well within the normal human variation.
She flushed. The wax came out. She then said it appeared there was no infection, I just had swelling in the Eustachian tubes that would block the passage of air, causing pressure. I could take an over-the-counter to reduce the swelling (either an anti-histamine or something else) or a nasal spray to stop the underlying cause. The charge was about $125 with a $25 co-pay.
So I'm automatically out the $25 and the insurance company is billed the $125. Since I haven't done anything else with my insurance I'll be out that two unless I still have something in my HSA.
I'm not sure that I'm getting any benefit from this so-called health care system except as a backstop in case I have serious problems.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Periwinkle Transplant

I love periwinkle (Vinca Minora) as a hardy groundcover, but when it tries spreading onto the sidewalk it's time to transplant. Here's its new home on the local roundabout. It has successfully persuaded humans to help it spread further so ... who really is the intelligent species?

Saturday Funpants!

You ever get to the gym and discover you forgot to pack your workout shorts?
This Saturday was that day. I felt both stupid and disappointed because I like the sweat and I know it's good for me, plus it's a chance to say hi to some friends.
I turned to go home, but stopped. My jeans have been loose lately; could I exercise in them? They were snug when I bought them, because I had resisted going up a size. But now? Maybe they had stretched out from wear; maybe I had toned up from regular exercise. The only way to find out was to experiment:
* Full squat - no problem!
* Deep plie' - ok!
I emptied my pockets, got on the floor, and hoped nobody noticed.
Nobody said anything. We were all fully occupied making sweat, not checking out the fashion. I got my full workout plus a happy lesson: while all this regular exercise did not cut my weight, it firmed me up pretty well.
After class, I boasted about this to the instructor, who laughed. "Yeah, I wondered why you were wearing jeans today. I figured everybody has their reasons. **eyeroll**"
We laughed. It turns out it's not true that nobody notices, but as long as you're getting done what you need to get done, who cares?

A Crowd of Potatoes Going Off To Work

Another beauty of Fall: New potatoes at the veggie stand!

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Ahlmaz Negash wins 2019 World Peace Through Law Award

Ahlmaz Negash (left) receiving 2019 World Peace Through Law award for organizing refugee legal clinics; with presenter Randy Winn of the World Peace Through Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association; at Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington annual dinner, October 3, 2019. Congratulations!

Blue blanket, pink nose

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cat Care Saturday

Thursday I took Arthur to the vet because he has been inappropriately peeing and it's starting to grossly affect the humans. I've been tolerating it but I really should have acted sooner, and now that Kiara is in school it's really important to minimize distractions.
The last time he was in for an eye drain they suggested checking for a UTI but I said he hadn't been doing it much lately and I'd stepped up his mood meds so we put it off. However this week he flat out peed the bed under no stress at all. I'll admit I was angry at this but when upon reflection realized it was more likely the result of an involuntary condition than him being angry at having the bed all to himself when I left.
Thursday: no pee at the vet. He must have gone before we left.
Friday: back at the vet. Still no pee. They gave me a small pee tray, a pippet, a collection tube with stopper, and a small bag of hydrophobic litter. I locked him in the bathroom and awaited the result. At first he was puzzled and howled to be let out. I went in with him, and set him in the tray, and left again. About 10 minutes later he is howling and battering the door. I just have to go in and reassure him that this is only temporary. Instead, I see pools of pees atop the litter.
I have never been so happy to see cat pee in my life!
(Actually: I have never been happy to see cat pee, but there is always a 1st time haha)
I pippeted the pee into the tube. I think I overfilled it in my enthusiasm because the stopper was hard to emplace. Probably one has to leave plenty of ullage since air is compressible and liquids are not. Anyway, I got it to work, dropped it off to the vet and success! Nessa soon texted me that she'd be by with antibiotics because Arthur had the maximum amount of bacteria. I was a little surprised because she lives far north and this is out of her way, but that was a nice gesture. Heather showed me the medication which I promptly started Arthur on. I have hopes that this will clear up the problem, and this has been a lesson indeed.
I am moving the cats' monthly flea medication to the 1st weekend of the month so I can schedule it on the calendar. Today is the last weekend of this month so the next treatment would be the 1st weekend of November. This is stretching things out a bit (the treatments are supposed to be monthly) but we seem to be in a low-flea season.  #fleatreatment gives me a handy way to keep track when I last did it. That's #ModernLife !
After caring for the cats I went to Julie and Hannah's to hang for their TimeBank Mending Meeting. I didn't have anything to mend but it was nice just to chat.
At home I worked on the upcoming WPTL/MELAW presentation and TM for Tuesday. There is so much to do to avoid housework!

Yes, I Love Humor

For adults angry at Greta Thunberg: help is available!!

A few Dahlia still bloom at the neighbor's

Whistleblower Hearsay Nonissue

Trump's defenders are disparaging the whistleblower report as "hearsay" but that's just silly. MOST of what we make our decisions on in life is hearsay. Think about December 7, 1941:
FDR: "The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor"
TRUMP SUPPORTER: "Eh, that's just hearsay."


At the most: if this gets to a court of law, the Whistleblower Memo would have to be introduced with some foundation laid for it - which will be easy - ideally the persons who made the statements referred to in the memo could be deposed, or one could simply prove the truth of claims by playing recordings of the call. Until then, for figuring out on a common-sense basis whether Trump was extorting Ukraine by withholding aid (the "quid") in order to extract a "favor" (the "quo") we don't use the Federal Rules of Evidence; we use common sense.
  • Is there corroboration for the claims in the memo? 
  • Was the aid actually withheld? 
  • Has Trump ever said he would accept aid from a foreign government to help his campaign?
  • Was there actually a Crowdstrike server anywhere near Ukraine or is Trump just making stuff up? 
Sometimes legal stuff is hard. This isn't.

Friday, September 27, 2019

A neighbor shared her harvest

Driving home from the Y on Thursday, I saw a couple of boxes of grapes in the parking strip with a sign "Free". I had to park on the cross street because traffic on 35th really zips!
I took one box and left the other for the next person. At home, I tried a few grapes, and they were good, but it was waaaaaaaay more than I could eat within a reasonable time, and I didn't want to make wine or grapes. I posted this on Buy Nothing West Seattle and they soon went to a good home. Neighbors yay!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Just got a pm "Is that you in this video?"

But when I click on the link it asks me to reauthenticate my FB login.
What are the odds my friend has been hacked?
(A) 100%
(B) 1/0
(C) Infinity Plus One
(D) ?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I Changed "Chicken" To "Modern Dinosaur" And Lunch Became Amazing

Experimenting with science humor, mostly because I didn't get a good photo but this thought makes me laugh

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Monday, September 23, 2019

Evening of the First Day of Classes

Hey, dear college student, how was the first day of classes?
Are you all right?
It is so.

The Welcoming Tree

On the walk home from the 131 bus

Spooky Onion Starts

Every fall I plant a raised bed of green onions. They don't need much care, tolerate Seattle winters quite well, and give me a little bit of fresh greens during the grey months. In this predawn flash photo they look a little spooky.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Refi and CLE

Saturday I did barre, went to DAV 23 (met a friend of Ellen's who, as it turns out, was already a DAV member; gave him links to legal resources for his issue), talked over business with Cyril, shopped, and rested. Oh yeah: did the refi yay!
This adds the 6.99% loan for the heating system into the mortgage. The mortgage goes up from 4% to 4.1% but the numbers work out so that after maybe 18 months of paying the fees with my interest savings, the rest is pure profit. This is another step toward the new business since it get my monthly set of payments down a little.
Dinner was pizza and beer with Jenn. We're friends.
Sunday I wasn't going to drive anywhere; I plan was to do a lot of around the house projects. I did. Late in the day, however, I ran out to Zippys to get last minute food for Kiara, who starts school tomorrow. It is a joyous occasion but I suppose somewhat fraught.
Now I am going to put myself to bed and feel happy I got so much done this weekend. Enjoy the mundane!

Neither Gender Nor Anatomy Are Binary

Gender Isn't Binary, And Neither Is Anatomy by Archie Bongiovanni and Sarah Mirk   explores the science behind the misunderstanding of gender and anatomy that underlies so much of our contemporary culture and politics.
"About 1 in 1,000 people have a different configuration of internal and external parts. They're intersex."
Frequently they are surgically altered while babies (and unable to give consent) to conform their anatomy more closely to our binary notions, not for medically necessary reasons. Typically, they are lied to thereafter.
 This is stuff I didn't know but makes sense when you think about the science and politics. It will be interesting to see if our next generation does better.
This is another great graphic explainer by The Nib.

Last Apple Crop Of The Year

These are from the tree of an absent neighbor who asked me to take them so they don't just fall and rot. All natural, no spraying, so the bugs got some of them.
I posted these on Buy Nothing Highland Park, Seattle, WA for people to take for applesauce or pig feed or whatever.
It's a very neighborly arrangement!

Bombas "Buy One Give One" is for real

Bombas is a sock company founded to get clothing to people in homeless shelters. I had never heard of them until my pal Don Rupp posted this photo:
with the caption
"This is what 25,000 pairs of socks looks like. They were stacked behind me, too! Bombas isn't telling stories. When you buy a pair they give a pair. I had to talk them down; they wanted to give me 50,000. Alas, no more space. Still..."
It's wonderful to see the promise "Buy One Give One" is for real and here's proof. These donated socks are going directly to those most in need.
It's genuine; I've known the guy who took this photo for years.

More Me

Was this in college or shortly thereafter?
With Artyom Gulin, son of my 2nd ex Mila.
With Erik and Ericka back when they were a thing, and Ex #3
Thrift Store Fun!
Gardening recently
Donating blood
At the Y: Light Weights, Many Reps

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Arthur Mighty Hunter!

Arthur is a mighty Hunter of little footie socks. He brings them and howls his Triumph! This can be awkward to explain to my housemates. --- I saw this near the end of a day much of which I spent out. The usual barre class was excellent and then I went to the monthly DAV meeting, talked shop, had lunch, etc. I can't say I was totally productive the rest of the time but perhaps it should be considered as rest time. I ticked items off my list, then went looking for my daily photo. Arthur can be relied on to provide inspiration!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Look Up!

Trudging to work I suddenly looked up to see such colors and patterns!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Wild Rose And Bushy Maple

I saw this wild rose and a bushy maple living together, near the West Seattle Y Monday.
I might not have the names right, but I asked the plants and they said nothing against it.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Rainbow Nose

Monday I enjoyed Zumba at the Y and chatted with my friends after. I have learned to park a block or two up the hill, since the rebuilt facility has much more capacity than before and often parking is unavailable near by.
That's ok; it's a nice neighborhood with lots of flowers and a nice short walk. Sometimes I see a rainbow and sometimes I can get a selfie with the rainbow coming out of my nose.

Shadow Snacks

The only exercise Shadow likes is scampering after tossed snacks. That might work for me as well! One note about this photo: it is my first attempt at using a cartooning app on my cellphone. I didn't like any of the cartoon filters but the thought balloon was convenient.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kiara's quiche is no Trivial Pursuit

Kiara likes to cook and I like to eat, so this is a functional relationship!
However I do believe in playing with your food, and the way this was sliced reminded me of my least favorite game ever. Therefore this photo.
One note about this story is that she had requested a pie crust. Both of us know how to make crusts from scratch, and frankly it's too much work; you can get decent though not excellent crust cheaply. However I think she was expecting the kind that is already in a little disposable pan instead of the rollout dough I habitually get. It works very well in this silicon pan!
The food was delicious!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Every Saturday At The Y

Today was like every Saturday.
By 7AM I've fed the cats and am deciding: drink coffee in the recliner or go back to bed?
No, I've got my 8 o'clock at the Y.
But what if it's the scary instructor? It's probably the scary instructor. What difference would it make to skip just this once?
What if I just go there to see my friends? I don't actually have to do anything.
Sure enough, it's the scary instructor. He's got biceps bigger than my calves and the endurance of someone in his 20s, which he is and I am not.
It's too late to go back. I lay out my gear, hydrate thoroughly, and wait for it.
I concentrate on breathing as we go. It helps to growl when we reach an absurd number of reps. I've heard yogi call this "lion breath" but it's really just growling. The instructor does not seem intimidated.
Bilateral symmetry is a problem. When we tire out a muscle group on one side, do we stop? No! He makes us flop over and do the same thing on the other side! When will we learn?
Class is tough but not as tough as it was this time last year. He must be slacking off. I've had to go up a size in weights to really feel it.
A funny thing always happens half way through. I get a feeling of distress from whatever muscles I'm working - not pain, just a feeling that there's nothing left so it's time to stop, the "Check Engine" light is on, there are no more fumes in the tank - but I also get a sense of well being.
Could it be that my body, which spends the work day sitting at a desk, actually likes physical activity?
More likely I'm just light-headed.
Then it's over. My jersey is completely soaked.
I say hi to my friends, thank the instructor for the class, and walk out with a complete sensation of relaxation throughout my frame.
It's only 9AM. I've got the whole weekend ahead and a happy body.
Maybe next Saturday I'll sleep in. What difference would it make?

Friday, September 13, 2019

Relentless Positive

I wasted entirely too much time these past couple of weeks with Leo's attempt (partly successful) to involve me in his snit with Ron. It started with Leo asking me on facebook to join in on his thing for organizing trips for veterans to go to DC to see the monuments. I have never criticized the concept but it's silly; if you are going to invest time and money on veteran's issues, tourism should be lowest on the list - but to each their own, I say. And if Leo gets a trip out of it - whatever. 
Anyway - there was a problem with Leo's fundraiser at DAV 23. I was not a part of the argument since I'm not an officer - all I did was show up at the usual time, have the usual lunch which was served this time by Leo instead of the Auxiliary Ladies - and throw some cash in a cannister, I don't really recall which one.
Leo said that bad stuff happened which was Ron's fault. I considered the story he told me and what I had seen, and suggested to him that because there was nothing in writing except a few memo lines on checks written to DAV, it was smart and correct for Chapter leadership to take the most conservative approach to giving him money. Leo argued the point and eventually I gave up.
Then I got an email forwarded to me that had been sent to about 30 people (but not me and not Ron) in which Leo argued his case and accused Ron of theft. That email was forewarded to someone who forewarded it to Ron who forewarded it to me, and I replied to all with about 12 careful points, trying not to be disparaging, but pointing out that Leo was not doing things the right way, any screw up was a team effort and let's just move on. A couple of people replied supporting me, one guy replied saying I should be silent because I was in the Auxiliary (I replied privately to him that I don't need his permission and anyway the issue stands as it stands so who cares?), and Leo tried renewing his conversation with me privately via email. I took one or two more attempts at trying to make Leo see reason but when he told me Ron had asked him to be Chapter president I concluded I was wasting everyone's time and I had to just stay away from the pointless negativity.
I posted this message on facebook and tried to follow the plan. So far so good!

When flowers lose their hair

This used to be a showy flower on the way to my bus stop, but the petals have withered and fallen. I think seeds must now be forming, which isn't exactly what happens as my hair receeds - but perhaps it's my mental progeny that are being encapsulated and distributed in a seedlike way.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Leaves are starting to turn, a little bit

I walk past this tree on the way to the bus every work day. It does not especially stand out in my memory as I search for something cuter or more beautiful. It is lovely in its ordinariness.---
Coming home from work, I tried taking the 131 as it is a shorter walk from the stop. However it came so late that I didn't get home until a few minutes before Zumba started. I skipped class (and the chance to say hi to my friends) and worked on the refi instead. I don't think I'll do that again.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Life Finds A Way

Colonizing the duff at the edge of the street, this brave plant works to return civilization to nature. I am not really fond of this species since its leaves are sticky but I respect its persistence. Or something.

Wednesday nights I have no classes at the Y or Toastmasters. I try to make it a time for doing chores, such as laundry and cleaning the cat boxes. I try to come current with my Toastmasters obligations. In addition to serving as VPE for my club 832, I am organizing an end of summer happy hour and decided to try inviting multiple local clubs. Why not? it's a happy hour - let's all get happy!
This met with approval from our club president Karen and the local area director Nagash. Now let's see how many actually appear.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Are We In Kansas Yet?

Just a couple of blocks down ...

A friend tells me these are prairie sunflowers, so this could be a warp to anywhere on the prairie. Maybe Colorado?

Monday, September 09, 2019

Air Filter

Behold my shiny new air filter!
My old oil heater didn't really have an air filter so much as some fibrous material laid over a bit of chickenwire. I guess I was supposed to take it out and hose it down now and then. The house did not come with an instruction manual and I really had no clue air filters were a thing.
I got a clue when the DAV Chapter 23 airfilter went bad. The numbnuts who were running the thing before and during the club suspension never did any maintenance. Ultimately the air filter got coated with a coating of dust thick like felt, and the fan broke down. I was told this cost about $2000 to fix, which could have been avoided with regular filter changes.
Armed with this experience (which cost me nothing) I paid attention when I got my new heat pump. The installer warned me to change filters regularly and promised that WNE would set me up for a subscription, one new 4" filter a month for a year, after which I'd probably have to buy something to pay for a subscription.
I had to keep bugging them to keep that promise. First they sent nothing, then they sent the wrong filter, finally they sent one or two and I gave up. Perhaps the salesman had not communicated with the office.
I finally figured out that while the 4" thick filters were better, the 1" filters were perfectly good and both cheaper and more available at my local hardware stores. I was resigned to buying these on a regular basis, and throwing them away when done - because they did not look recyclable at all - when I decided to see if I could do better.
Researching permanent filters - which are cleaned with a water hose - gave several options. I chose the one above, which costs about what a year's supply of disposables does. This time next year I should start profitting from the change, basically trading my time for money. It is also great to be contributing less to the landfill.
When I posted this photo on facebook, some friends expressed concern about mold and stuff. I'll have to monitor this but I suspect that due to the constantly flowing air there won't be anything growing on it - it should stay pretty dry. We'll. see.

I Saw This On My Walk Yesterday

I admire the artistry - or is it a servant of the Empire?

The Invention of White Chocolate

"Eureka! I have succeeded in removing everything that is chocolatey from chocolate!! This is a work of genius!!!"
"No, it was not."

Sunday, September 08, 2019

I Would Have Missed This If I Didn't Choose to Walk

Because of the thunderstorm last night, Cyril and I canceled our planned tree trimming at the hospital for today. Not only would they be soggy but apparently one of the areas is an overflow catchment so we wouldn't be able to walk there.
This was actually convenient for me. I drove no where today. I caught up on Toastmasters paperwork, learning more of the VPE role. I used the chipper to make some mulch for the dried-out garden area next to the back steps. I walked to the store to get tortillas and milk.
As I walked back, I saw this flower on about 15th near Roxbury. I am so glad I walked instead of drove for if I drove I would have missed this.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The lavender at the Y is turning with the season

I love my Saturday morning classes at the Fauntleroy Y. It's a very positive way to start the weekend!
this morning I chatted with the other guy in the class and, afterwards, had a joke as usual with Katherine the instructor. I then got a cup of coffee and looked around the grounds for something to photograph. It never fails!
We are out of the season where there are new flowers; it is now time to record the maturation process. This is a metaphor for life!
Later this day I took Arthur to the vet for his annual blood work. It was also time to re-order his meds - $280 of it for a 90 day supply. I spend more on medical care for my cats than I do for myself, and I don't do for them everything the doctor suggests. It's a problem.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Mr Pie Says ...

"Mr. Pie says: "The best thing to do with fruit that is starting to get a little old is to stew it, put it in a pie shell, and bake until your kitchen smells like Heaven."

Kiara had gotten some very nice peaches but the last of them were going soft. I put them in the crock pot the other day. Today I harvested a little rhubarb and cooked that, then mixes that and the peaches into a crust  - experimenting with my silicon pie pan - and topped with frozen berries. Of course I inclued a lot of brown spices - cinnamon, allspice, etc.

The smell was heaven and the taste was good too!
After work (and before pie) I took my car to Miencke to fix the taillight. I'm used to changing bulbs in the front part of the car, but the tail lights are sealed in with screws that I don't have the tools to deal with. Luckily and very kindly, this shop fixed it for free. I will have to go back there next oil change!

The Best Wedding Ever

Biggest wedding I ever went to was planned for a year by a co-worker using her work computer. She was not subtle about it; she was visiting sites during work hours to get the best of everything - and her monitor was clearly visible to everyone who went by her workspace.
It was a really fun wedding too. Everything was perfect, especially the bride who was extremely good-looking and (to be frank) way out of the league of the perfectly nice but underemployed groom.  When they'd moved in together they'd given away a futon that had become surplus, and I had a chance to chat with him a bit. His interests - whether artistic or employment related - didn't seem to align with hers, but I just assumed that it was true love, which is a thing that can happen.
There were a couple of odd things at the wedding. One of the guests was one of her ex-boyfriends, who was there at her invitation and without a date. He was determined to show that he was a good guy and supported her. IIRC he left very drunk.
Another thing I can't talk about much was meeting someone who I knew from way long ago who was the second gay person I'd ever met. He was obviously still not out. He knew I knew and for a moment there was in his eyes a look of shock and apprehension.  What can you do? There really isn't any way to say "Don't worry guy" in public that wouldn't just make things worse for him.  I nodded and said how happy I was to see him after all these years, and we have not spoken since. I hope he is well.

As for the bride: couple of years later she's with another guy. It may be just by chance that he is much wealthier and better looking and she met through work.
I believe that she just wanted to have a wedding. The business of marriage was not really for her, but she really enjoyed planning the show and being its center. Too bad she could not have simply hired an actor and not hurt the fiance

Ever get the feeling someone is watching?

Cool cloud formation on the way to or from my bus stop.
(Of course I had to walk to just the right spot to get it to look sorta like a face)