Friday, May 20, 2011

Top Five Tips On How To Dress For The #Rapture

Make Sure That The
Last Thing Your Friends See
Of You Is Memorable!
1. Keep Your Legs Together While Rapturing! No-one who is Left Behind to face the agonizing Last Days wants to see your hoo-hah as you ascend into bliss. (Men in kilts: this includes you!)
2. NEVER wear a thong to the Rapture! If you're the kind of girl who wears a thong, you're probably not going to be Raptured anyway.
3. A truly modest woman will wear bloomers (as illustrated). You will probably wish to shave your legs but a bikini wax is not necessary. Maybe you have to suffer to be holy, but waxing is just masochism.
4. Do not wear flip-flops during a Rapture. When the supernal ecstasy hits you, you will probably kick off any shoes that are not firmly buckled on. That can put somebody's eye out - have pity on your hell-damn'd former friends!
5. Make sure you have not stepped in anything stinky (e.g. dog poop). As you rise up into the sky, those Left Behind will be smelling your feet. Do you really want to add to their eternal torment?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Collection at the Downtowner

For the MITS big book sale this weekend, we collected a whole lotta books from the basement of the Downtowner, in Seattle. The story is that until a few years ago, an organization used that basement to collect and organized books that were sold in a periodic sale, but their volunteers gradually aged out and the books sat there. Some other organizations had picked over them but we were welcome to take them all.
Today, the same church (Mercer Island Mormon Church) that was organizing the book sale for MITS agreed to send a crew to help collect the books, and I was the MITS volunteer helping organize. It was a bit of work, but also kind of fun ("Fun lies in the mastery of a challenge!"), and I hope the results will be helpful. Here's a few photos; the quality of most of those in the basement is poor, due to low light conditions, but don't the workers deserve recognition!

Anagram Server: Fun Stuff!

Who doesn't love anagrams? A well-chosen anagram offers a funny and possibly wise comment. It used to take work figuring out anagrams, but thanks to software such as, it is now just a question of picking through the possibilities.

The Anagram Server's Anagram Hall of Fame

Internet Anagram Server = Isn't rearrangement rave?
Dormitory = Dirty Room
Dictionary = Indicatory
Schoolmaster = The classroom
Elvis = Lives
Listen = Silent
Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
Madam Curie = Radium came
A telephone girl = Repeating "Hello"
Western Union = No Wire Unsent
The country side = No City Dust Here
Evangelist = Evil's Agent
Astronomers = Moon starers
Postmaster = Stamp Store
A telescope = To see place
The eyes = They see
The ears = Hear set
The cockroach = Cook, catch her
Waitress = A stew, Sir?
The centenarians = I can hear ten "tens"
Desperation = A rope ends it
I run to escape = A persecution
The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
The Meaning of Life = The fine game of nil
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in'em
Conversation = Voices Rant On
Disraeli = I lead, Sir.
Clothespins = So let's pinch
Mr. Mojo risin' = Jim Morrison (from the Doors song  "L.A. Woman")
The Great New York Rapid Transit Tunnel = Giant work in street, partly underneath
Butterfly = Flutter-by Heavy Rain? = Hire a Navy!
Animosity = Is No AmityA domesticated animal = Docile, as a man Tamed it The Railroad Train = Hi! I Rattle and Roar
The Hilton = Hint: Hotel
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss = Stroller on Go, Amasses Nothing
The United States Bureau of Fisheries = I Raise the Bass to Feed Us in the Future Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
Vacation Times = I'm Not as Active
The Check is in the Mail = Claim "Heck, I sent it (heh)"


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday: Moving Charlotte and Jim

Charlotte & Jim Wilhelm
Charlotte is my friend from the Mercer Island Thrift Store - she's the lead volunteer on books, I'm the "Assistant Book Lady".  She and her husband Jim have lived accross the street from MITS for 49 years, but now are moving to an assisted living facility in Bellevue.
Monday was the day for moving the furniture so of course I helped. I met a bunch of their kids and grandkids, and had fun moving stuff (...moving is very stressful if it's your stuff, but if it isn't, then it's just a chance to figure out the easiest ways to solve physical problems.)
Afterwards, the Wilhelms treated us all to lunch in the dining room. They gave me a couple of yak rugs that didn't fit in their new place, and I'm very grateful for them, since they are just perfect in our downstairs apartment.
Thanks Charlotte, and thanks Jim! I hope you like your new place, and come around MITS a lot!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Was In ABA TECHSHOW® 2010 60 Sites in 60 Minutes!

Coming in 2nd to Google ain't bad!
The American Bar Association's TechShow is an annual event for lawyers and the technology that support them. For a decade or more, it has wrapped up with a delightful "ABA TECHSHOW® 2010 60 Sites in 60 Minutes" - sort of like a speed dating session, featuring a panel of experts zipping through some of their favorite websites. I just learned that the 2010 version included my 4freeCLE site was mentioned second ... just after the extremely useful Google Scholar and just before the awesome Ted talks!
Wow! what august company!
(Now if only I could monitize this ;-)
What this shows is not that I'm a scholar or even a TED; I'm just a happy synapse in the global brain, making connections according to my particular set of kinks. Web tech is now such that a small idea such as mine can with very little effort connect into something useful for a large number of people.
So what's your idea? You can do pretty much what I'm doing, just with a different type of information. It's become relatively easy, so you can have disproportionate impact for the effort, which is basically the same sort of fun as lighting fireworks, only more creative!
P.S. hey thanks ABA Techshow for the mention!