Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Last month my Windows laptop finally died.
I hauled out the Windows 10 machine I'd gotten early in 2015 and set aside in frustration; it worked for about a month and died.
I decided it was time to give Apple another try. It was possible that Windows machines were simply made from cheaper components, so in the long run, a Mac that lasted 10 years would be cheaper than buying 5 laptops over the same time span.
So far, it's been a difficult experience. Text editing is different; there is only one option for character deleting - delete left and no delete right - so a lot of habitual shortcuts just go away. I'd much rather had a delete-right button than the ridiculous backslash that I never use.
I imagine that there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that I'll have to learn, but it just seems silly to have function, control, option (alt) and command keys.
Scanning and image manipulation is disturbingly complicated; there isn't a simply utility like MSPaint preloaded, and the scanning process has gained a few steps.
It also sleeps strangely, although it may be that I just haven't figured out the awaken ritual yet. I think that I may just be spoiled by the elegant simplicity of my android phone.
Really, all I need the laptop for is its nice keyboard.