Saturday, February 16, 2019

Arthur Moves

Today's Little Victory: Dry Socks

I couldn't avoid stepping in a little slush on the way to work.
But I had remembered to pack dry socks, so the day was fine.
In the future, I'll just keep a fresh pair in a drawer at work, and maybe a pair of loafer too. It occurs to me that my ex did that for years, and I'm just doing this now, so perhaps I'm just a slow learner.

National Emergency Declarations

There's multiple ways to group declarations under the National Emergencies Act, so your numbers might vary a little, but not that the 1st group involves responses to real problems that allow no delay, the second group don't involve shifting Congressionally appropriated funds, and the third group is unconstitutional (as well as a bad idea).
This graphic came about because I woke up and didn't feel sleepy. Rather than fret, I tried to be creative. It doesn't really matter what sort of creativity is involved, just being creative can be a good response.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Flowers waking up and kicking off their blanket of snow!

At first I assumed these are crocusses, but my friend from work who know more about flowers opines they're more likely Hyacinths. I'm just glad to see them!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Today's Inspirational Question

Facebook responses:
Me: "What a long strange trip it's been...."
David Winnie: "Why should I care? Why should I care?..."
Ellen Winnie: "If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled on"
Gail Alison: "Stairway to Heaven". (Shopping addiction..).
Shawn M. Sims “So high, you cant get over it, so low you can’t get under it....”

This was another snow day for me, although I lunched with some WPTL pals and planned the future. Our day-long seminar was cancelled due to weath

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Snow Faces

It's simple: find a clean, fluffy patch of snow and press your face in as far as you can go.
Then take a flash photo. It wasn't really very cold. As long as the snow is very fluffy, it can actually be warmer than the air. It was like putting a wet washcloth on my face.
I really like the way that my vision misinterprets these as a positive sculptures, rather than as the really are: impressions in the snow.

Today I am Arthur's heated mattress

Cats Do Not Respect The Concept Of Sleeping In On Sunday

My cats are used to me getting up for work and feeding them.
On Sunday, I would like to sleep in, but they want breakfast.
Oh well!