Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas was beautiful this year. I dropped off a couple of boxes at the little thrift store on 16th, and saw the perfect desk chair at a reasonable price. What luck!
Next, I was invited by my friend John Rapp to an impromptu celebration at Tent City 5 with a little music and a little comedy; it gave me a fine venue at which to pass on some extra blankets in like-new condition. From there I made a quick run up to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, as Sue had forgotten her purse in my car when I drove her home after the Christmas party at Kat's. Caellie was working at American Girl there, and looking all professional and efficient!
I suppose that's the sort of thing an uncle notices.
On the way back I stopped at Costco to see if they had shelving suitable for improving my home business. Who did I see there but Diana Tice? We gave each other season's greetings - ( I was so grateful that I had texted her the week before with a timely reply to her question about VAF ) and then we were each about our business. I found a really great set of shelves at a fine price. The rest of the day I spent at home, playing with the cats, assembling shelves, and having a good time listening to TED talks.

Friday, December 25, 2015

END OF YEAR #MCLE recordings online free

Christmas Day - a day to relax - and once the gifts have been opened and the eggnog drunk, what can be more relaxing than picking up that last credit or two so you may ring in the New Year with a clear conscience? I can NOT imagine anyone doing any live programs on this day, there are many recordings you may enjoy at your leisure. I'll be adding them here in between cups of cheer. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  • Lexvid offer one free recording just for signing up. They have a big catalog covering a lot of subjectss, including ethics. Naturally they'll want you to like their content so much that you  buy more, and their prices are pretty low.  I have recommended them for years, and never got a complaint. Recently, they have started supporting 4freeCLE by offering affiliate links, so if you *do* buy a course from them, please consider going  through a link on this blog, such as:
  • Washington State Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Attorneys with Disabilities. By WSBA. Get 1.5 General Credit free but you have to watch it this month (December 2015) and you have to be a Washington State Attorney.
  • Lexis-Nexis Online Training is good for credit in most states, and right not I count at least six one-hour programs waiting for you. Go to the list and create a free log in, then hit the "Launch " button for the course that interests you.Check the list of states for which credit is granted; if it says "Credit not yet applied for" don't  worry; they don't apply in some states where they don't have someone taking the course. When you take it, they'll apply for credit. Check it out!
  • The National Judicial College has a large collection of free online educational programs, largely concerning trials. I do not see anything on the website that says you cannot take a  program and apply for credit. The content is well organized and authoritative; if you have a trial practice you may find it especially useful. Just be warned - your credit-granting authority determines whether your application for credit will be allowed, so you may wish to check with them first. It would be crazy not to allow credit for these courses, but not impossible.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Sunday of the rest of life

Today started with driving the ladies to the airport for their surprise trip home. I carefully avoided posting anything on Facebook, lest I forgot and spring the secret early! 
My next choice was to pick up books from half price to distribute at the VA Hospital, but that fell through because the guy who had asked me to pick them up apparently had spoken to someone who was not there now, and the books have been given away. That's unfortunate for the potential recipients, but not really bad for me since they gave me more time to get to work on my home projects. 
I stopped by Pegasus and picked up a couple of books for my evening reading, and the rest of the day spent at home cleaning, organizing and also reading. I am looking forward to working tomorrow and figuring out if I can get morning YMCA class to fit into my schedule. 
Last night at dinner I realized I had this feeling in my stomach that was bubbly and went up through my body to cause my lips to turn. It is called happiness. And I guess it's been a while!