Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shooting in Seattle

Not to disrespect the dead but oi! Today we had a daylight armed robbery right across the street from the federal building, and they fled guess where? 
!Major competitors for the Darwin Awards!
(My regrets to the two officers wounded in the shootout, may they have good health soon)
[Back to pictures of plants and cats and politics soon, but looking down at the street full of cop cars and figuring out that something was up was surely the most memorable thing to happen around me all day]

Parking Strip

Parking strips: you don't park on them. Plant with perennials for beauty and to eliminate mowing. Mine is a bit chaotic but full of life!

Refi Comparison Shopping

Refinancing my home:
It is hard to comparison shop mortgages when lenders say we'll "lock in rates" AFTER I complete tons of paperwork. IF I could find 3 bidders who would give up-front numbers, subject to any conditions they like, one of them would get my business. Otherwise, I'm just trusting in the kindness of strangers, which is not necessarily bad when the strangers are not on commission.
Any thoughts?
This is the biggest money thing in my life right now, and the free market doesn't work in this situation.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Semi-Annual Hayfever Day!

Today is Semiannual Hayfever Day, the day on which the plants that we love show their affection by filling our sinuses with pollen. Or something. Rejoice, for we have antihistamines!