Saturday, April 08, 2006

Republishing the Memoirs of William Sampson

For the past few months, I've been working on getting back into print the memoirs of an Irish Protestant lawyer, William Sampson, who in 1798 was tortured and exiled for the crime of defending Catholics in occupied Ireland. He came to America on July 4, 1806 and became a leader in promoting human rights and religious under our Constitution.

His story is a rippin' yarn, full of history, drama, horror and even some humor. Great stuff, but out of print for 190 years.

Progress so far:
1. Confirm it's out of copyright (190 years)
2. Purchase original copy (2d edition, 1817.)
3. Re-enter content.
4. Post content on web for free viewing by anybody:
5. Submit content to a Just-In-Time publisher, and order a copy to review:

I just got the review copy back from the JIT publisher. It's basically o.k. but I have some tinkering to do. Mostly, the page numbers didn't come out right (probably a disagreement between me and the word processor, not the publisher) and I want to neaten up the cover images. But it's all readable as is, but of course I want to make it better!

I'd like to experiment with other JIT publishers too. Anyone with suggestions, please email me at

Friday, April 07, 2006

Book Of The Day: The New Male Sexuality

I sell 10-20 books a day at Most days, one stands out for some reason.
This week, it was an order for "The New Male Sexuality".

After I packed it for shipment, an email arrived:
"My husband is excited about receiving this book. Can you send it Priority Mail. I'll pay extra!"

I smiled and upgraded the shipment.

Today I got an email: "Thank you! My husband loves the book."

What could I say in reply?
"You're welcome. Have a great weekend!"

I think they might ...
It's time to look beyond the politically dead Bush & Cheney for the GOP's options for a soft landing.

Is there any doubt that Bush & Cheney told Fitzgerald things about disclosing classified information that we now know are not true? Their best defense is that they automatically declassified the material by disclosing it, which does not change the fact of the lie, and that they were not under oath, and so cannot be convicted of perjury. Felony obstruction of justice convictions can be stopped only by suborning Fitzgerald (unlikely) or getting pardons.

Legally, that may be helpful to them, but it's still poison to the Republican party. Sooner or later, the party's backers are going to explain the facts of life to the duo. If they resign, they can cut a deal; if they fight to the death, the Democrats will run the board simply by pasting Bush & Cheney's face on every GOP poster in America.

If Cheney resigns, Bush can pardon him and appoint a successor who Bush would hope, to use Gerald Ford's excuse, would ultimately pardon Bush for the good of the nation. But who might get through the Senate?

A Senator is the obvious choice; they all know each other and there's a certain amount of collegiality. But the pick would have an enormous advantage in the presidential race of '08, and so would be opposed by his rivals. Frist would block McCain; McCain would block Frist.

Also, the GOP's backroom boys don't want to give away any Senate seats since they'll need all they can get after the tsunami of voter anger this November.

The obvious candidate is Jim Jeffords:

Jeffords has no presidential ambitions, and no following in either party. He's not part of the Republican majority, so he's no loss to the GOP machine. And the Democrats would have a hard time opposing him because he's the one man in recent memory who resigned from the GOP on grounds of principle.

Jeffords, as a man of principle and of experience, would be a good choice for America, and that may be his only weakness. President Jeffords might be reluctant to pardon Bush; that makes him Bush's most unlikely nominee.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Franken and Coulter? The Oddest Couple!

Last Monday, Al Franken debated Ann Coulter at a lecture series sponsored by the University of Judaism in L.A.

It seems to have gone pretty much as one would expect; you will definitely enjoy Franken's comments in An Evening With Ann Coulter.

John Ashcroft's Haiku

He peers owlishly
At a press that shall photo
No other hooter.

Oh timeless Justice,
Our Constitution's Goddess -
You forgot your bra!

Classic stone statue
Invigorates our culture
But needs more toga.

Osama? Can't find.
Anthrax terrorists? Sorry.
The breast threat? Covered!

Will our Bill of Rights
Become a scrap of parchment
As mammary fades?

There's two per woman.
Can so rare a species need Protection?

Endless, endless war:
Convenient accident?
If these boobs could talk ...