Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Partying

Saturday morning was barre class - exhausting as usual but very relaxing.
At 10:30 Atty had his birthday party (3 years) and I enjoyed hanging with the growp-ups, watching the kids run around. I printed a tag for Atty - it's so easy not, that it just doesn't make sense to buy them, especially when hand-crafted is more personal.
The off I went to check in with DAV 23. It was an office organizing day, as Leonard is hard at work getting the paperwork together. Robin was purging the office of old unused stuff. A few items I advocated for keeping as history.
Them I'm off to Bellevue to do a little work. I stopped by the VA Hospital to distribute 9 boxes of books, and then after a long day: sleep!
No, I mean paperwork!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ginny the Rocket

Virginia (Ginny) is a soft and loving cat, who Kiara and Nessa want to remain an indoor cat. But Ginny has her own ideas. She flops near the door and looks all innocent as I pass by. But when I open the door to exit - ZOOM! - a furry rocket blasts by my feet, and she's out!
Fortunately, she's more interested in rolling on the warm pavers than in actually escaping. A little belly rubbing and she's ready to be picked up. I don't know if I'll ever cure her of this habit.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Week end not so weak

Saturday I slept so soundly that for the first time in years I overslept the morning Y class. Ooops!
The new sleeping system seems to work quite well.
Sunday I took a load of books to the VA Hospital. Later Cyril called to tell me that the revised MOU had been completed, so the Garden project is on track. That's a relief!
He also asked that I reword the VAF blog to reflect its status as an advocacy organization but without the 501c3 being granted yet.
I have a new role: Big Bro Taxi, conveying young workers to work as needed. I makes a guy feel useful!