Monday, May 20, 2013

Conservative Band Names #conservativebandnames

For fans of political humor, here's a bunch of contributions to the Twitter hashtag #conservativebandnames - a couple of them are my own creation....
A Flock of Evils
Average White Klan
Bad Air Supply
Barefoot and Pregnant Florence and the Washing Machine
Being Petty & the Factbreakers
Below Average White Band
Big Bad Voodoo Economics
Binders full of Spice Girls
Birther Scandal Overdrive
Birther-Clinger Overdrive
Blind Faith-Base
Blink and you'll miss us giving 182 new subsidies to the extremely wealthy
Bob Bohener and the Wailers
Bob Seger and the Cop-Killer Bullet Band
Both Eyes Blind
C.W.A- Crackers with Automatic rifles.
Cheap Pricks
Collective Soul Suckers
Cruel & The Gang.
Death Panel for Cutie
Depressed Mode
Destiny is having that child
Destiny was forced to have a child against her doctor's wishes and died on the operating table
Destiny's Fetus
Dour Straights
Dr. Hook and the Can't Afford the Medicine Show
Duh Rant Duh Rant
Earth, Wind & Filibuster
Earth, Wind & Gunfire
Empty Chair
Felonious Drunk
Florence + the Machine gun
Foster the White People
Genesis ... and Leviticus!
Go Home Foreigner
great white overhype
Guns n' Guns n'Guns n' Guns n'Guns n' Guns n' Roses
Hot Air Supply
In Excess of 4000 Dead In Iraq
In Klan We Trust
Issa and the Car Alarms
Jefferson Davis Airplane
KC And The Gun-shine Band
Kings of Lyin
Klan On the Run!
Klanned Heat
Legitimate Rape Against the Machine
Little Bigot Band
Load The Wet Glock
Mean Day
Men Not At Work
Men Without Facts
Men Without HeartsBlood, Sweat & Fears
Midnight Oil Rig is Burning
Midnight Oil Subsidies
Mumford and guns
My Biblical Romance
My Chemical and Strictly Heterosexual Romance
Newt Kids On The Mop
No Creedence Whitewater Revival
No Doubt
No Sex Pistols
No Sex, Just Pistols
Panic at the Country Club
Panic! at that person who doesn't look like me
Paul Ryan and the Mothers of Deception
Paul Ryan and the Mothers of Deception
Paul Ryanvere And The Legitimate Rapers
Peter & Paul Can't Marry
Privledged Culture Club
Rage For The Machine
Rush... To Judgement
Sanford And The Mistress' Son
Scalia And The Maggots
Screw U 2
Sgt. Prepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sly & The Family Stonewall
Smashing Pumpkins So They Don't End Up In Food Banks
Social Distraction
Stone Temple Bigots
Suspicious Looking Black Kids on the Block
System Of A Trickle Down
System Of A Trickle Down
System of a Trickle Down Economics.
Taylor Swiftboating
Temple of the Reagan
The 'Moran' Tabernacle Choir
The 1952s
The abstinence only pistols
The Cheatles
The Congressional Filibusters-harmonic
The Death Pistols
The Dixiecrat Chicks
The Grateful Dead Kindergartners
The Grateful Debt
The Hateful Dread
The Honkees
The Inhuman League
The K Street Band (apologies to The Boss)
The Kochroaches
The Losing in Novemberists
The Mamas and the Papas not the Papas and the Papas or the Mamas and the Mamas like God Intended
The Old Rascals
The Self-Righteous Brothers
The Self-Righteous Brothers
The Sexist Pistols
The Uterus Police
The White Gripes
They Might Be Giant Liars
Three Dog Whistles
Toe Jam
Trans Vaginal Ultra-Soundgarden
Twisted Logic
Velveeta Underground
Very Simple Minds
White Sabbath
White Snakes
Wing Nuts
Wu Klux Klan
ZZ Top 1%

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