Friday, July 04, 2008

Eat The View!

"Eat the View" is a campaign to plant healthy, edible landscapes in high-impact, high visibility places, whether it's the White House or your child's school.

It works! In my extremely limited space, I'm growing salad greens and edible flowers (sounds funny ... but is tasty!) both to save money, improve my nutrition and (most important) have fun!

Go to to connect with others, to share your ideas for edible landscapes you'd like to see planted and the people you'd like to see grazing on them. Let's start with the White House!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Family Tree Tracking Free with

Want to track your ancestry online, but you're too cheap to pay a monthly fee to


Monday, June 30, 2008

Judge: VA care falls outside his authority

A judge determined Wednesday that he does not have the jurisdiction to change the way the Veterans Affairs Department cares for returning service members in a lawsuit Veterans for Common Sense.But though he found for the defendants, the judge laid out in an 82-page decision many problems he identified within VA from three weeks of testimony.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cool Off in the Ice Caves

Feeling hot? Enjoy a trip to the ice caves near Granite Falls, Washington state

Voter Suppression in Arizona

An old GOP trick is to stop people from voting who are likely to vote Democratic, such as old people and blacks.

A new version of this trick is surfacing that could spread to 11 states. In Arizona, state Republicans supported the Voter ID bill citing concerns about illegal immigrants voting. There is absolutely no evidence this is happening; no illegal immigrants could possibly be stupid enough to give the government their address and the Republican Party hasn't even bothered coming up with examples.

Instead, old people are discovering that their voter registrations are being purged. You can expect that this, and many other tricks such as "caging", will be in full forces throughout November, since despite years of voter suppression, no one has ever gone to jail for this.

Several civil rights groups, including MALDEF, will challenge the measure in court on July 1.

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