Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chicken George's Lie Bury

It's Called a Lie Bury
Because It's Where They Want To Bury His Lies
This week, the worst president of the United States gets to have a building dedicated to rehabilitating his actions. It's worth remembering that he chose to invade Iraq based on "intelligence" that he knew was false and that as a result, over 4000 Americans (and God knows how many Iraqis) are dead, over 300,000 Americans have PTSD and/or TBI, and we will all be paying off the debt this incurred for the rest of our lives.
This is not a cause for celebration, but there are still those who deny these plain facts. They insist (against the evidence) that this was merely an "intelligence failure" and not the policy of a man who ordered intelligence agencies to supply information to back him up, even if they had to tie up and torture men into saying what he wanted to hear, and also to suppress the information that did not. He even ordered the arms inspectors out of Iraq because they were two weeks away from completing their proof that there were not WMDs. Today's "conservatives" are a cowardly lot, who just cannot admit the truth: they were fooled by this guy. I suppose human nature just does not change that much.
Fortunately, our new generation is smarter. Thanks in part to technology, they are accustomed to questioning what they are told. They don't dress well, they have too many tattoos, and their musical decisions are highly questionable - but that too is something that never changes - and all we have to do it make the facts available to them, and they will make their own decision about the Bush attempt to bury his lies.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Say Nay To Decaf!

The Mighty Thor Speaks True!
Many of my Facebook acquaintances (misnomered as "friends", but that's FB for ya!) are conservatives. They almost all are of the "I believe it regardless of facts" sort, and many are of the "Violent Christian" sort: they love guns and hate anyone who's not Christian (although they sometimes figure Jews are o.k. so long as they move to  Jerusalem, so that the 2nd Coming will occur, during which most of them will be slaughtered. But I digress...). One in particular specializes in posting pseudo-Christian esoterica using specialized spellings of Jesus ("J-E-S-U-S" isn't good enough) and insisting that special ritual sayings are necessary to get into Heaven and that being heavily armed is necessary to survive the impending collapse of all that is good and holy (not that anything is good and holy anymore, except for the Faithful Few.) It would be funny if it were not sad.
It is hardly needful to say that he doesn't accept any comment I make about his guns or his religion (Matthew 25:40 lays out the only thing ANYONE needs to do to get into Heaven, but he still insists upon baptism and ritual statements) but somehow we don't "unfriend" each other; I suppose we enjoy the back-and-forth.
And every now and then we can agree on other topics. The other day he posted a condemnation of decaffinated coffee, and I felt compelled to agree. Mostly this is because he was right; it is indeed an abomination, unnatural, and contrary to all that is right and decent. But it was also a chance to bond a little, make a joke, do something other than snipe at each other. We traded quips and it was nice to be able to "Facebook like" something of his for a change; and he returned the courtesy.
Then muse came. She is capricious, and I accept that, I don't question why she had me consult The Mighty Thor on the subject. The image above is the result; to the original image I added only one word, and moved a word balloon.
The joke was a hit. I had fun, and a few others had a laugh. This was probably more useful than a dozen disputes.
There's a lesson here, but I won't be able to figure it out until I have more coffee. EXCELSIOR!

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 26 Free Webcast: Home Solar In Washington State! #earthday

Home Solar
Join us in this free webcast!
Some say the wars of this century will be sparked by resource and energy shortages. What can we and our clients do in a practical way to reduce this risk? What are the legal aspects?
A panel led by Kevin Moen of Solterra Systems will discuss the practical side of home solar (net energy production, how easy/hard to install) and the legal side (taxes, permits, restrictive covenants, what's going on in Olympia this year) in this webcast sponsored by the WSBA World Peace Through Law Section.
Pre-register by emailing asap; indicate that you're attending by webinar so that they will email you directions.
"Sunshine Over the Energy Wars: Practical and Legal Aspects of Home Solar in Washington State."
Friday, April 26, 2013
Noon - 1 p.m.
In-person: WSBA offices
1325 4th Ave., Ste. 600
In-person attendees may bring their lunch to the discussion.
Webinar: Instructions to follow upon RSVP. Please note that you should test the directions in your web browser!
WSBA World Peace Through Law Section
RSVP: by April 22. Please indicate if you are attending in-person or via webinar. 
Feel free to invite colleagues to view this program; you don't have to be a Section member to watch (although if you like what you see, you can always join the Section!
The handouts and other materials will be posted on the Event Materials page on the World Peace Through Law Section website.
Future Programs - Save The Date!
WPTL plans to webcast on the final friday of each month, noon to 1 p.m. Webinars allow Section members who may live anywhere in our state or beyond to participate. We are actively recruiting panels for more subjects and welcome your suggestions. For more information about the sections and its activities, visit The Section Web Page.
We hope to see you there!

Fix Something on #EarthDay

Can you tell which one is repaired?
It's Earth Day. There's a lot of ways we can make this a better world. One small way is to change what we do when something breaks.
Stuff is so cheap, it may not seem worth the time to fix things that break; just toss them and get another.
But on the other hand, is it really a waste of time? Is it any more wasteful than watching television? Isn't any creative act a better use of your time than passive entertainment?
Yesterday, at my house, a wooden hanger fell apart. It has two wood halves and a wire hook; the halves separated because whatever process holds them together failed. I could have thrown it away because they're inexpensive, but instead I got out the Gorilla Glue and put it back together. It took literally 2 minutes from start to finish, and then I set the hanger aside for the glue to cure on its own.
With this simple act, I kept a little trash out of the waste stream, and saved myself the small cost and bother of buying another hanger. If repair becomes a habit, we can live lives that are better in every way!

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