Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Last month my Windows laptop finally died.
I hauled out the Windows 10 machine I'd gotten early in 2015 and set aside in frustration; it worked for about a month and died.
I decided it was time to give Apple another try. It was possible that Windows machines were simply made from cheaper components, so in the long run, a Mac that lasted 10 years would be cheaper than buying 5 laptops over the same time span.
So far, it's been a difficult experience. Text editing is different; there is only one option for character deleting - delete left and no delete right - so a lot of habitual shortcuts just go away. I'd much rather had a delete-right button than the ridiculous backslash that I never use.
I imagine that there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that I'll have to learn, but it just seems silly to have function, control, option (alt) and command keys.
Scanning and image manipulation is disturbingly complicated; there isn't a simply utility like MSPaint preloaded, and the scanning process has gained a few steps.
It also sleeps strangely, although it may be that I just haven't figured out the awaken ritual yet. I think that I may just be spoiled by the elegant simplicity of my android phone.
Really, all I need the laptop for is its nice keyboard.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to Work

It was great having a three day weekend! I got a lot of stuff done including dropping a load of books at the VA straightening up here. However, work has to be done and I I'm delighted to discover that I like my coworkers as people. I am Not sure that I've had that experience to this extent ever. Part of it maybe this time I have learned how to make conversation draw people out, part of it may just be the atmosphere of the place. Doesn't matter?
Late last week Kris forwarded something to me from WSPA, and added the comment "How are things?"
I have gone all year (2016) without initiating conversation with her, but to reply to this seems to be different - it would politely responding to a query. So I wrote back saying that I was fine and asking how was Michelle, the cat that Kris took with her. Today Kris wrote back saying Michelle liked being an only cat and has lost a little weight. I think that ends the conversation since she did not ask you further questions, then I suppose that's fine. I have a happy little family here and that's enough. 
EDITTED: the first version of the above was more than usually incoherent, as it was the result of my blogging on my cellphone using speech-to-text, and then not copyediting. It may have alarmed a family member who asked me if I was all right - I am, I am in fact better than in a long time, albeit regretful that things didn't work out, but happy - and wiser about blogging!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not Shiftless

Monday, when coming back from the store, Kiara brought up the possibility of learning to drive the stick. It's time, I figured; I had worried about the difficult time I'd had teaching Sherry and teaching Mila, and while it is necessary that Kiara be able to drive my car, I was not looking forward to it.
I pulled into a small park off 8th. It's not really ideal, but it was a start. And it turns out that there is really no problem; she killed the engine only once and panicked not at all. Perhaps her physical coordination is superior due to all that dancing, or perhaps she's just more accustomed to reacting to strange situations thoughtfully  .... for all her outward flightiness, she shows a lot of inside thinking. ... and perhaps at age 60 I am just better at staying calm and saying one or two words.
After all, the only words that really matter in this situation are "clutch" and "good"!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Back to the DAV

Today I dropped in at a DAV meeting for the first time in months. It was good to catch up with the guys who I had not seen in a long time, & I had the perfect excuse in the form of the divorce. Everyone knows the divorce takes up a lot of energy! I enjoyed mentioning my new job and reconnecting with Cyril. They spent a lot of time talking with his nephew, who has joined the auxiliary, making it two of us. The lady who does the catering also chatted for a long time. I will not be spending as much time there as I had, but I will help out as much as I can.
After the meeting I went over to the VA hospital and deployed another set of books. I rewarded myself by stopping by Pegasus and saying hi.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bloody Tuesday

This morning I caught the 6:16 bus to the Fred Hutchinson cancer research campus for a blood draw. They are going to do something scientific with it, I don't really understand what column but I enjoy the donation. It's my contribution to science! One oddity is that the veins in my elbow that usually stand out and provide excellent sources of blood weren't popping out. This made the drive much more difficult but on the third try it was accomplished. That sure is a semicolon usually pretty good leader. I wonder if the blood pressure reduction program is having results? Or is it increased or changing musculature from the strength and fitness program?

The 12 Days Of No Kris

I have had absolutely no contact with Kris McCord  this year, and if it were not for taxes, I would have no contact with her all year. This is very odd, but it is the way it is. Alcoholism was stronger than me, stronger than love for me. I had doubted that I would be ok, but already I am. It is sad, but I have cats.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Catch up Sunday

Today I had lots of reports to do from Amtrak work. I also had 3 mystery shops which I had sign up for the past. I didn't really need them because of my Treasury gig, but a promise is a promise so I went ahead and drove around doing the work. I start of the day, however, making a book delivery to the VA hospital, which was very satisfying. I ended my peregrinations by stopping by Pegasus book exchange and speaking with my friends there. I am basically restructuring my entire life, with the loss of Kris and all my friends who associated with her, but on the plus side I have a lot more self knowledge so I can assemble a community that work closely fits my needs then the pack of drunks that fit hers.
Extending the concept, I realized that I might not need to actually continue doing work with the WSBA; it does not actually do anything for me, and it is  structured badly for effective action. Performing it is beyond my powers, but continuing the work that interesting does not require it that I will miss the world peace through law section but it has been dead already, & I need to accept that.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Now is the Thursday of our discontent

... it does not appear that the training regime is as well organized as some hope, but perhaps that is part of the training.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

First phone Wednesday

Today's big achievement was handling my first phone call at the new gig. It was well supervised, and very restricted in scope, also went pretty well. I just put on my community theatre face and played the part! I think it's I'm using that in many ways I'm simply recapitulating Kris's career. I have gone the whole year so far without communicating with her, & I suppose I can go all the way to tax time doing the same. I am sad about that, but otherwise quite happy.

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