Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Toastmasters: Cost-Effective Training

Toastmasters is the most cost-effective course of study you will ever take. Your twice-yearly dues cover several meetings a month; you could easy attenda dozen 90 minutes sessions in six months, resulting in 18 hours of training at about $2.50 an hour.

Cost are low and effectiveness high because, although the instructional materials are professionally developed, the training and practice rely on the volunteer efforts of fellow Clubmembers.
Volunteering for roles such as Evaluator, Grammarian and Meeting Toastmaster is part of the training.

So: don't be like I was. I was too shy to sign up for roles until I had been in the club for a year. Jumping in and volunteering for roles is part of the self-improvement.

Commemorating Amazon Prime Day

Monday, July 15, 2019

Treating the Cats for Fleas

I care for four cats: Imp (the young and cute one), Shadow (elderly, nervous and serious about food), Ginny (Kiara's fun-loving lovebug) and Arthur (like me a grumpy old man).
I had gotten away from giving them regular flea treatments when I was scraping by for cash and Nessa was living here. She took care of the cat's medical needs.
Now, however, Nessa is on her own (having found love, or so I hear) and the four cats are my responsibility. That means monthly flea treatments.
Nessa recommends Advantage and recommends against Frontline. I trust her judgment.
I'm going to try to order the stuff off Chewy so it arrives automatically and I don't have to think about buying it. The more it is automatic, the less I will forget, or so my theory goes.
Sometimes caring just means setting up a system.

Arthur In The Vet's Garden

Arthur REALLY liked the garden outside the vet's office this weekend. He's ok with a leash so long as he can smell the breeze and watch people go by.

Hobbit Sunflower?

(Ok, they call it Echinacea. But that's just fancy talk ;-)