Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Father, Obama And Their Birth Certificates

My father (long deceased) was born in Hawaii but I've only just now seen his birth certificate, which my brother David accessed when he visited the state recently. Some matters of family trivia (unlikely to be interesting to people outside our family):

  • Biograndfather's name was "George Harold"; "George" and "Harold" are both family names on my wife Kris' side: coincidence or fate?
  • Dad's mother remarried a man whose last name was "Winnie", which is why none of us have the last name "Raab"
  • Winnie-the-Pooh, our family totemic creature, lived under the name of "Sanders". Spooky!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kris' Super Salmon Soup

There was not much soup leftover.
Which is always a good sign!
The Sunday Soup contest at Big Al's Brewery Tasting Room has a different mandatory factor each week; yesterday was fish soup, which neither of us had done much with in soup before. We talked it over and Kris came up with this, which was popular enough to get the most votes. Can you tell that, although she thought this one over carefully, she also kind of made it up as she went along?
  • Cube and steam some parsnips and a celery root, then mash them good
  • Brown some bacon in a cast iron skillet and fish the meaty part out
  • In the hot bacon grease, carmelize half a large sweet onion
  • Chop the bacon when it's cool
  • Put everything except the grease in a sauce pan with 4 cups of water and half a large can of pumpkin
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Take about 2 pounds of salmon (perhaps half of a side of a pink); put 4 springs of dill on it and one minced shallot
  • Steam the salmon 6-8minutes, then peel it, debone it, and loosely chunk it into the sauce pan
  • Bring it up to a low simmer. Get it hot, but not so hot that it scorches. 
  • Add half a can of coconut milk, bring up the heat and enjoy!

#Devilgate Misses the Big Point

The Devil and The President
The History Channel, in its continuing effort to dumb us all down instead of lifting us up, has a series called "The Bible" in which it pretended that the Genesis is history.
(Let that one sink in for a moment.... and stop laughing!)
The big "Scandal" coming out of this is the producers' decision to visualize the Devil as what looks like Obama after thirty years of hard riding.
The producer disclaim any such intent; he says it's just a coincidence. Hey maybe it is; television is just FULL of skinny black men, right? You can't flip through the channels without seeing dozens of skinny black men playing heroes and villains, right?
Obviously the History Channel is just playing to its base, not necessarily by mocking Obama, but by casting its Garden of Eden scene without any regard to "really happened" (assuming that Genesis is history, which it is not, but let that slide ...)
If you REALLY wanted to do a HISTORICAL version of Genesis you'd cast Adam and Eve as Middle Easterners. It's not as if there's a shortage of Iraqqis looking for work!
And for the Devil? Nothing in the Bible suggests that the Devil in human form looked any different from anyone around him. He should have the same general appearance as Adam and Eve. If they are purple, he should be purple too.
Or ... you could be the History Channel ... Adam and Eve are white people and the Devil is black. Cuz, you know, that's just how it is!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

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