Saturday, December 20, 2014

Early Morning At The Barre

Saturday mornings I have been taking a "Barre Basics" class at the Y. This is a deceptively simple-looking class in exercising barefoot, often with feet extended so I'm standing on the balls of my feet - or even the ball of one foot. It must be good for me, based on how rapidly I burst into sweat and my need to take it easy to heal. It's not fun the same way that zoomba is, but it certainly is an efficient use of time, and its exercises are things I can do on my own, without equipment, during slack time. I feel the need to exercise most every day, since I am aging every day and need to keep the body tuned-up.
After this class I picked up Cyril and we went to the DAV 23 meeting. It was sparesely attended, perhaps due to the holidays, but it was good catching up on the news and saying hello to all.
Last night Kris and I met at Zeek's Pizza; we agreed it was a good public place for discussion, since it didn't have any emotional associations and the food is good. We had a good time talking things over, perhaps too good because we didn't get to the difficult stuff Kris wanted to talk about. Therefore she brought it up once we got home, and it was rather fraught, but we got through the discussion and ended up calmly not really having an agreement except to remain calm for the next while, and gather more facts; we really can't make decisions about the house until we have a valuation. On other matters, we don't seem to have much to disagree about; I'm not happy about the way things went but in retrospect they seemed inevitable considering the people involved. We are still pretty good friends, and while that sounds like a cliche it is also a fact. I have faith that it can all be worked out in a fiscally sound way, although mine is a minority opinion it seems.
Thinking things over, I have to accept responsibility for not understanding the cryptic messages Kris was sending me over the years. I do feel that she should have been more straightforward, rather than dropping hints, but she is as she is and once I figured out that she talks in a certain way, I could have usefully pondered her saying like a Kremlinologist studying who stood on Lenin's tomb. Had I realized that the money issues were such a big deal, and her encouraging me to pursue public service was directly opposite of what she wanted, I could have changed to accommodate, but I just did not understand her, and I could have put more effort into decryption.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday: Four Foods

Food Or Not Food?
I got fast food yesterday, as I was zipping around doing chores. It was fast, it was easy, it was very different from what I am preparing for myself.
The milkshake evoked the memory of taste, with a thickness that recalled cream and a sweetness that recalled flavor. When I match it up against an orange, the orange wins totally. The sweet had a more complete flavor, and I can feel my body reacting with approval.
My housemate buys Atkins bars to provide nourishment without bad stuff. This morning for breakfast I microwaved a sweet potato, which also provides nourishment without bad stuff: also without packaging, and without unneeded expense. The bar was 1 or 2 dollars, the sweet potato was a quarter or maybe 50 cents. From the standpoint of economy, environmental responsibility, and taste, there is simply no competition between these food items!
This month I am transitioning to a diet of no processed foods, or at least minimal processed foods - I'm not a fanatic and don't mind the occasional sin. As I make the transition, I am noticing that I am saving money and getting better taste. I know, people have told me this before, but there is nothing like having the actual experience!
The only real advantage processed food has is convenience. I bought the fast food because I had not packed a lunch beyond two oranges. The solution is to be organized. It's easier to actually do the organizing if I think of it as an investment: if I save $50 in fast food by putting in one hour on Sunday, that's effectively $50 an hour!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education!
December 14, 2014

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