Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wexler Wants Hearings - we can help ....

...look at

The charges are too serious to ignore.

If you are a patriotic American who loves our Constitution, go there and DEMAND hearings.

If you are a cowardly, yellow-bellied Bush supporter, too afraid to stand up for the rights our forefathers died to protect ... who cares about you?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Torture Tapes vs. Fraud On The Court

If you say "We have no secret prisons" and

...the judge therefore orders you preserve recordings of torture undertaken at the prison the judge knows about....

...and then you go "Well, we do have secret prisons and we destroyed THOSE tapes."

You cannot argue that the order didn't cover the secret prison tapes.

Because, you see, you got the limitation on the order by lying. That's a "Fraud On The Court".

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Telco Immunity: Tell Your Senator

URGENT: Telecom Immunity Showdown in the Senate!

For more than five years, AT&T and other telephone companies broke the law and violated their customers' privacy rights by sending billions of private domestic internet and telephone communications and records to the National Security Agency.

Now, after months of pressure from the Bush Administration, the full Senate is poised to grant retroactive immunity to these companies, which would effectively ensure that the full extent of their complicity will never be known.

The critical make-or-break vote is being held Monday-- contact your Senator immediately and urge them to oppose telecom immunity!

Senate lawmakers must support Senator Chris Dodd and other heroes in allowing a full debate to proceed on Monday, and they must vote to strip telecom immunity from the bill.

The Senate should not let the telecoms off the hook. Granting immunity sets a dangerous precedent, sending the message that lawbreaking is acceptable and that the rights of Americans can be freely infringed by private companies in defiance of the law. And though the debate about the proper process of collecting foreign intelligence is complex, the issue of telecom immunity is not. The facts are simple enough: the telecoms broke the law, so the Senate should let Americans have their day in court.

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