Friday, November 18, 2011

Hauling Couch!

The couch weigh more than Jie and Dan together!
Time goes by so fast! This has been a busy week. Yesterday I had a CRAB IRB and then picked Kris up from work, since WSBA is pretty close to my route home. However navigating Seattle's rush hour was a disaster, compounded by my forgetting that a certain freeway entrance doesn't have an exit until Mercer Island! We got home around 6, or no faster than the bus would have been, but at least we caught up on planning for the holiday.
I stopped by Dan and Jie's to help them move their new couch it. It  was VERY HEAVY but with the proper use of straps, moving it was merely difficult. I don't think it will ever leave the room it is now in; they'll just knock down the house around it!
Kris and I are pondering how to get mom into our house for Thanksgiving; should we build a ramp? rent a ramp? or can we get enough strong people just to lift her up the steps? Hard to say ...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 17/Web - The XX Factor: Advance Women's Rights. Change the World.

Amnesty International is hosting this very interesting webcast. Note the time is given EST; here on the West Coast it starts 7 am.