Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not Camera Shy At WNEC

During my first year of law school, I converted the folder that admissions forms came in into a collage. Years later, it brings back memories!

There was also a powder blue folder of some sort, for a second collage:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Birthing Story

60 YEARS AGO TODAY: My mother loved to tell me the story of my birth.
It was a hot summer Saturday afternoon, and seven women were going into labor at Providence Hospital in Everett. Because of the weekend, they were short staffed, with no laundry service.
Most of the women were first-time mothers. One young lady was having twins, and another had never seen a doctor (the region was much less prosperous than it is now.)
Mom had been through all this three times before, and so was not given too much attention, or one of the two birthing beds (Providence was tiny back then.)
She was lying in a preparation room when I decided to arrive. What can you do? A nurse caught me, and eventually a doctor came by to count my fingers and toes and sign the certificate.
"You sure were in a hurry," she would tell me and laugh. I guess sometimes I am; sometimes you just have to get going and let the doctors and the laundry catch up when they are able.
Happy birthday, mom, and thanks for all the stories!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Licensing Lesson

Today I renewed my driver's license.
For more than a month, people who checked my ID when I made purchases alerted me that it was about to expire. I found that very thoughtful!
The last time I renewed the license, I had to take a test. I didn't study for the test, because I've been driving for decades with no accidents. I figured I knew the rules.
Well, I may know the rules in practical terms, but the first question was how far back from the corner do I have to be to park. Was it 20 feet? 30 feet? I know what it is in practical terms but not the number of feet. Whatever it was, I got it wrong.
The next question concerned railroad tracks - another question about how far back. 30 feet? 50 feet? 75 feet? I don't know; you stay back a safe distance. I picked the largest value, and that was wrong.
My situation at this point is that I am 2 questions in and have already blown half my allowed number of wrong answers. This is a source of concern. I bear down a really start paying attention, and try not to worry about what i will do if I don't get my license.
The rest of the questions are easy; I get them all. I am sure there is a lesson here, however, and I remembered it yesterday when I got in line for renewal.
I snagged a booklet of driving rules on the way into line, and read it through. There were a bunch of new rules about headphones and scooters and even what to do when someone crosses in front of you in an electric wheelchair. It was all common sense and/or common courtesy, but I made a mental note whenever there was a number.
There was no test, except of my vision; I passed that one without studying.
The lesson from last time (study anyway!) is still good, but I did take a new lesson as well: before having your photo taken, get a haircut!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

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July 19, 2015
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