Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Unemployed Party: Join Us!

Who looks out for the unemployed? We have to look out for ourselves! Join the Unemployed Party!

Oh, sure, the other political parties say they're on our side and, who knows, maybe they're sincere. We can work with them, but they gotta EARN our support. We invite conservatives, progressives, libertarians, members of the tea party, coffee party, C4L, patriot groups and any other person in between.

We should be open to all American citizens (actual human beings, not organizations) that are interested in the issues of unemployed people. You may be unemployed; you may be under-employed; you may be employed but just interested (or worried); maybe you just know someone who is unemployed. That's ok!

Unemployment affects all Americans because, employed or not, we ARE all Americans and we are all in this together. Our vision of America is a place where an able-bodied person can support his- or her-self and a reasonably-sized family in reasonable comfort. We don't think we need to argue about what a family is or isn't; issues like gay marriage just divide us so let's drop it.

We don't think we need to argue about a "reasonably-sized" family or what "reasonable comfort" may be; that's going to vary from person to person and place to place and arguing over stupid stuff is a good way to get nothing done.

We do think that "reasonable comfort" includes time to spend with your family, vacation time, sick time, health care, a decent pension for old age and ... above all ... the hope that things will be better for your kids, Whether you support yourself (and your family) by employment, self-employment, farming or any other legal means, but it's pretty clear that today's America no longer meets that vision for the most part, and a big part of that problem is unemployment.

Basic rules of decency should apply: no trolling, no personal attacks, no threats of or even suggestions of violence or justifying violence. We have elections in this country for a reason. I have facebook, my other blogs and websites I visit when I'm ticked off and feel like screaming for a revolution. This site is about identifying the real problems and figuring out real solutions in unity.

In addition we should be educating one another about our perspectives and identifying what unites us so we can identify the true enemies of the people without the divisive labels and spin from our elitist media and politicians.

Subject to the above, it is better to let people speak their piece than to shut them up. None of us know everything and we can always learn something. Besides, sometimes people just need to blow off steam and that's o.k.

Humor goes a long way to solving verbal problems. "A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath". When in doubt about something someone says: ask! And don't be shy to make fun of yourself; it's a sign of intelligence.

America is big, wide and varied. That's good; the Unemployed Party should be the same way. Seattle's not the same as Texas and we weaken ourselves by trying to be the same.

No-one speaks for anyone but themselves.
We're not in this for the money. Anyone selling $500 tickets will be mocked mercilessly.

Join the Unemployed Party!

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