Monday, September 15, 2014

A Most Productive Monday

I got to the airport to pick up Roberto during his layover. We talked about everything and nothing; he's a natural conversationalist, and I got to re-use some of my best lines (since he hadn't been around her for a year).
 Marti had made it clear she didn't think it was a good idea to have a reception at The Pacific Institute, but I felt that this would be a good contact for everybody. I gave Diane a call and explained we could come over in the morning, apologizing for the inconvenience, but she said to stop by around 9:30.
Well, this went very well. First I gave Roberto a little tour of the outside of my house, especially the photovoltaics and water systems; he talked about his thoughts for Costa Rica's needs for things like this to deal with the consequences of global warming. Apparently his country is on the block for desertification, which is quite alarming.
At TPI, everyone was their charming selves and I basically sat back and listened. They really did have a lot in common in terms of their values, and talked until it was time for Roberto to meet Marti. I was going to drive him or drop him off on the bus, but the water taxi appealed so he took that.
Then there was the meeting with Mrs. Manning about the Medical Mall. This was a lot of fun and I'm happy to be involved with this.
I went home, napped and started on chores, one of which was dealing with the Google Apps renewal. I had been under the impression that I was paying for Google Apps, and got very frustrated when I could not get help for turning off the autopay. Google Help was not helpful, but after about an hour wasted I got a live help line, which resolved the issue reasonably quickly. The only bad thing is that I missed Zoomba; I have to figure out how to keep doing everything and incorporate exercise as well.