Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Most Efficient Explanation

"Before you move out of my life," he texted, "I would appreciate an explanation of what the hell happened".
It was going to happen; nothing could change that, and he was no longer interested in trying. But there was no explanation varied, contradicted themselves, and were all predicated on the concept that she was without fault. One last explanation, and it would be over.
"We should talk," she texted back. "I am looking at an apartment Friday, and going out Sunday."
"Then Saturday," he suggested.
"Yes," she agreed.
Saturday was a good day for him. It started with a vigorous exercise class in the morning, family chores and then a little work during the day, and closed with a bit of gardening in the early evening. He pondered where they would have dinner. Walking would be best; that way he could have a second beer or a pitcher, their last pitcher after so many.
Jeff's pickup parked in front. He had been their friend. She stepped out, in a nice dress and (he noticed) the enhancements in her bustline that they had previously derided as "chicken cutlets." They smiled at each other, and left.
This was a surprise, and yet not much of a surprise. She never remembers appointments or promises.
In a way, it was the whole of the conversation that was necessary - a most efficient explanation.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Second Filing Friday

Friday I filed the Pre-Conference Memo in my 2nd case before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Of course, this was an important thing for the veteran whose cause I was assisting but it was also a milestone for me; the first case was something I'd promised to do when I took the class, this second case was something I sought out from the Consortium. I deliberately declined to file for an the extension often granted for reviewing the record, calculating that the statutory weeks to do so would be sufficient if I looked at this matter as a job to do, not merely volunteering. Apart from the customary worry when as the deadline approached that maybe I needed the extra time (I didn't), the operation has gone smoothly - thanks to timely advice from my mentor of course.
This is real lawyering.
I am a real lawyer!