Friday, February 21, 2014

March 8: Honor Ride by the Missing in America Project

Join the Missing In America Project in honoring 15 recovered Veterans by escorting their remains to Tahoma National Cemetery on Saturday, March 8, 2014.
The ride starts at Lawless Harley-Davidson, 3715 E. Valley RD, Renton. KSU at 1100 AM for TNC. Ceremony begins at 1200.
Traffic control is provided by Elite Motor Escort Service.
These 15 Veterans were recovered from Funeral Homes and Crematories in Western Washington. Special thanks to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office for their support in the search for these Veterans.
There will be more Honor rides this year, as the Project has found and identified more of these forgotten heroes.
Please consider volunteering in the search for our forgotten and abandoned Veterans. You may sign up on their website at
This post reprints a message from Bob Patrick, Washington State Coordinator, Missing In America Project,

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Collecting Cans While Walking

Cans Collected
While Walking
Walking home from the bus stop, I usually spot at least one aluminum can to pick up and toss in my spare trash cash. This satisfies my sense of order while neatening the neighborhood a little and, unlike most trash collecting, can make enough money in a year to buy me a beer.
There are four routes from the stop to my home, and I try to vary the route so that have a better chance of spotting something. After a while, patterns in the stream of trash become apparent. It looks like it flows out of the package stores on 16th and proceeds uphill, like salmon climbing a fish ladder, with some cans falling by the wayside when exhausted, and others reaching a pool or a gyre at any unimproved lot on 14th.
In picking up cans, I recommend:

  • Avoid getting splashed by leftover content by picking the can up by the base and pointing the top down and away. As you walk let it drain into the grass rather than onto your pants.
  • Crush the can with one hand as you walk along. This is a bit of useful exercise, and it means you can fit more into the collection point.
  • Bend your legs, not your back, to get down to where the can is. Unless there's something wrong with your knees, you can pick up a can while keeping your back vertical and your attention alert, instead of bending over with your butt in the air and your attention unable to notice oncoming traffic.

When the cans fill the can of cans, I pour it into a couple of garbage bags and take the lot to the local scrapyard, which pays more for bags of cans than for most other kinds of scrap. It's not vast wealth, but it's a nice reward for helping keep my neighborhood neater.
There is, of course, plenty of other trash items, especially the day after a windstorm. I'm not comfortable picking up paper unless I have a bad to put it in, but I don't mind snagging a plastic bottle or two. Simply picking up one or two items every day seems to keep the route in good condition and it's not really any extra effort, since I walk that route anyway.
This is a satisfying way to integrate neatness and environmental awareness into my existing lifestyle, with a minimum of effort. If you regularly walk your neighborhood, why not add this habit? (And if you don't regularly walk your neighborhood, as yourself ... why not? It's good to know the neighbors!)

I was inspired to write about this by this week's Change the World Wednesday Challenge
"This week, pick up litter and dispose of it properly. As you go through your day, pay attention to the area and clean as you go. You might see trash as you walk between your car and your office. Perhaps you'll see plastic bags, etc. in the parking lot of a market. If you enjoy nature walks, browse the side of the trail. Get your kids involved and take litter walks or organize a neighborhood cleanup of a local park. The idea, this week, is to rid the area of litter!"
CTWW presents a new challenge every week, and it's fun to try to meet the challenge. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The American Legion is conducting a survey on Traumatic Brain Injury - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (TBI-PTSD).
If you might have TBI or PTSD, take a few minutes to fill it out. Participation is completely voluntary, but the information you choose to provide may help improve treatment for other veterans, based on your experience.
You may fill out the survey here through February 28, 2014.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education! - February 16, 2014

4freeCLE: Free Continuing Legal Education!
February 16, 2014

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How Prominent Is Your Law Office
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When prospective clients search for a lawyer with your specialty in a particular city or part of a city, Google shows a pack of local map results. Do you want your office to be in those local map results?

Watching Webinar Feeding Duck
Earn CLE Anywhere!
Webcasts - February 

Earn CLE Where You Like It!
Webcasts - March
CLE State-by-State
Each of these programs can earn you credit, at no cost, in the state in which it is listed. 
In some cases, the programs require that attorneys attending apply for credit via reciprocity or other rules; check with the credit-granting authority in your state.




Free CLE Arizona

CaliforniaFree CLE California

Free CLE - ColoradoColorado

Connecticut does not have a mandatory CLE requirement at this time. Connecticut lawyers may enjoy any of the free programs in this newsletter!


District of Columbia

FloridaFree CLE Florida




IllinoisFree CLE Illinois

  • I have found nothing for Indiana at this time. Please check next week.





Michigan, Maryland + Massachusetts
Michigan, Maryland & Massachusetts do not have a mandatory CLE requirement at this time. The webcasts and other programs listed above may be of interest to lawyers licensed in there.




According to the State Bar of Montana, Montana honors the approval given by other CLE jurisdictions. Thus, while the events listed below, specifically state they are approved for Montana credit, any other event in this newsletter may qualify as well.  



New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

Free CLE - New York
New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island 

South Carolina 

South Dakota 
South Dakota does not have a mandatory CLE requirement; the webcasts and other programs listed above may be of interest to lawyers licensed there.

TexasFree CLE - Texas



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