Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Meeting

This Memorial Day I spent mostly making preparations for the rest of the week, including the VAF Board Meeting Tuesday and the McCord-Winn Mediation on Wednesday (about which I have full confidence that we will end our conflict with a reasonable agreement.)
Around 3 I went to the West Seattle VFW hall (the one with the cannon by the Y) at Robin's invitation, to do a little inter-group mingling in celebration of the day. I enjoyed the conversation - if you ask an open question you often get long, interesting answers - and at the end Robin explained her vision of a West Seattle Veterans' Center that provided services enabled by all the major groups working together, instead of in competition. We just don't have enough people for each to do it all.
This was a lot to think about, and to fit into the vision of Veterans And Friends of Puget Sound, but it is also an opportunity for hope.

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