Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Day Of Relief

Thursday morning as I got in my morning hours of work, Kris came to the stairs and invited me up for coffee.
In the upstairs kitchen she asked how I felt about yesterday, and I blurted out without a thought: "What A Relief!"
She seemed to feel the same way. She said that her lawyer told her that technically, if she changed her mind, she could fight the agreement, but that it was normal to have second thoughts and that if she awoke in the middle of the night wanting to undo it, to just go back to sleep.
I nodded. There's not much to say.
It is a good agreement, I feel, under the circumstances.
Kris said she had not slept much last night because it was so hot.
I did not point out that was not a matter of the temperature of the weather or the number of blankets she chose to use - it's just not my affair any more; I suppose she's going through something hormonal or else was just reacting to the emotion of the whole thing and her mind fixed on heat as an excuse. Since I could accomplish nothing by saying anything, I said nothing.
It was a friendly cup of coffee, and then that was it.

Dan had requested help moving out of his dry room the leftover incontinence products leftover from mom's storage area. He needed to empty the trailer so he could lend it to a friend. I walked over there in the morning and agree to help later that day - Dan had to go to work and I had things to do as well.


I executed a few audits and then stopped by the West Seattle Veterans Center to chat with Robin. I might be able to help out a bit, now that I have time freed up from VAF. As we talked things over, Diane and Cyril came by and I greeted them, wanting to establish at the outset that I wished to remain friends and if possible continue helping VAF on a reduced basis. Diane spoke as if this was the case and offered to send a letter outlining the new role.

I confirmed with the thrift stop that they would take a carload of the diapers, and then went to Dan's, loading the diapers into my car and unloading the trailer into the dry room. I left the heavy chest of drawers in the trailer - that's a two-man job.
When you are physically heavier then everything else remaining in a single axle trailer, something funny happens when you carry a load from the front to the back.

Back at home, I had had a discussion with Kiara and Nessa about a cat door in the door in the basement. I think that was their way of saying, without saying, that they wanted more privacy, and even reassurance that they could inhabit the upstairs freely. After all, I'm a guy and they need the ability to walk in comfort. I agreed, and I plain to fix the door on Friday - at least get something started. I gave Kiara a ride to work and then headed off to zoomba - stopping at the Center for more chat with Robin.

I think this will all work out.

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