Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Well, why not?

  • Get back to a healthy weight through a plant-based diet. 
    • REASON: I'm not grossly obese but it seems to be pumping up my blood pressure, and that's not good. 
    • TASKS: 
      • Clear my kitchen of animal-based products and candy. 
      • Get a scales and measure daily onto TWINE.
  • Manage Spending
    • REASON: I want to keep  my home so I have a comfortable retirement
    • TASKS
      • Build and use 2017 Money spreadsheet to include all spending
      • File taxes by end of January
      • Keep renters paying on time
      • Revise rent as needed
  • Develop 3 new friends
    • REASON: I need friends. It's obvious
    • TASKS:
      • Participate fully in Toastmasters - 2 evenings/month
      • Participate DAV - 3 weekends/month
      • Work - I don't know whether that's a good venue
      • YMCA - participate 4 times/week and talk with people every time 
      • Neighbors - I'm not sure how to do that
  • Refinance home
    • REASON: I don't want to lost it at the end of the year
    • TASKS:
      • File taxes
      • Write business plan for home
      • Try Gerry Rasmussen
      • Try credit unions
      • What else?

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