Thursday, January 05, 2017

Finance Committee Wednesdays

I am pleased that we have decided to hold regular finance meetings as a household. The housemates are of course their own economic unit, what with being married and all, and they have their own plans. However, the house itself needs plans as well, as the money situation gets more complex.
I am amused at our choice of Wednesday as the evening for the meeting. It is literally the one evening that none of us had devoted to another project, mostly of self-improvement although to be fair weekends are fun. That's a type of self-improvement perhaps.
I have nearly a week to think of how to organize the meeting ... in cooperation with the others, of course ... so that it is effective. No-one likes a meeting that goes on too long, and a meeting that doesn't meet its purposes automatically goes on too long.
I blog about this in part to make a public commitment: we shall meet and we shall accomplish. I rarely make public commitments because I don't like not meeting them, but that is all the more reason for making a public commitment on something important.
Making this complex household work is important!

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