Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Toast to Toastmasters

As of last month, every other Tuesday is Toastmasters and I'm loving it. It is 90 minutes of unremitting positivity, good organization and helpful feedback.
Also I love the stories.
I have - not entirely inappropriately - been mourning the collapse and washing away of my catalogue of friends built around my marriage of more than 10 years - losing the partner is a hard knock but the discovery that I had nothing in common with any of the friends of that marriage was also saddening. However I now realize that I had accumulated friends that suited her, not me, and once she departed so did they. There is no judgement necessary; it was just not a good fit. The company of people dedicated to cooperative self-improvement is much better for me. Perhaps after the next meeting I'll go have a drink with them.

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