Sunday, December 27, 2015

Booking Sunday

On this Sunday after Christmas, I assembled a load of books to drop off at the VA Hospital. It was a little scantier than usual; because of the holidays I've been less active organizing donations, but I filled three shelves on each of three book carts, so that's something anyway. I am getting more organized with the new shelving - the best price was a wonderful set from Costco - and generally getting faster at skimming through the donations and tossing the more obsolete textbooks and paperbacks too battered to use. It's a satisfying activity, and I like making the delivery on Sunday when the hospital is relatively quiet. There are a few regulars there - the lady at the sign-in desk, the Recreational Therapist who wears hats - and I usually reward myself with a soda from the machine.
Afterwards I did a few chores - this week it was an oil change - and stop at Pegasus Book Exchange for more book fun. This week I picked up a copy of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle - one of those classics I've never gotten around to reading - in graphic novel format - because I love the format. Let's see how it works! It was fun talking it over with the staff too.
Other than that, it was housecleaning, cooking ahead for the week (chicken, rice and cornbread) and goofing off - after all, it's the Day Of Rest! I suppose I spent too much time on Facebook but so long as it doesn't get in the way of work and exercise, I'll be o.k. I'm getting used to my new hours and even the cats seem to be getting by- with the help of a plethora of new toys from the Clines and others!

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