Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas was beautiful this year. I dropped off a couple of boxes at the little thrift store on 16th, and saw the perfect desk chair at a reasonable price. What luck!
Next, I was invited by my friend John Rapp to an impromptu celebration at Tent City 5 with a little music and a little comedy; it gave me a fine venue at which to pass on some extra blankets in like-new condition. From there I made a quick run up to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, as Sue had forgotten her purse in my car when I drove her home after the Christmas party at Kat's. Caellie was working at American Girl there, and looking all professional and efficient!
I suppose that's the sort of thing an uncle notices.
On the way back I stopped at Costco to see if they had shelving suitable for improving my home business. Who did I see there but Diana Tice? We gave each other season's greetings - ( I was so grateful that I had texted her the week before with a timely reply to her question about VAF ) and then we were each about our business. I found a really great set of shelves at a fine price. The rest of the day I spent at home, playing with the cats, assembling shelves, and having a good time listening to TED talks.

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