Saturday, January 02, 2016

Saturday/Dancing Days Are Here Again!

  • The good news about hitting the ymca all year is that I feel much more fit.
  • The bad news about hitting the ymca all year is that my jeans don't.

Seriously, after barre today I put on the jeans I'd stuffed in my gym pack, and noticed I hadn't included a belt. As a result, the pants which were snug last were were heading toward my knees! I had to hitch them up with one hand like some sort of overage whitebread homeboy. It's not the worse thing in the world, to be somewhat more fit than I was last year, but it is kind of funny.

Then while on a quick train trip to Tacoma, I saw Sherry post this of Kiera and her buddy Danny ...

Just Converted This From VHS Danny Banks and Kiara Hudson back in 2003 Dancing The "Jive"
Posted by Douglas Banks on Saturday, January 2, 2016
... I knew they had talent, but gosh!

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