Friday, January 01, 2016

It Was On A New Year's Day - A Host Of Knights Did Pray ...

...that from the anvil one could draw the Sword.
As each knight took his turn
He found the Anvil held it firm,
None worthy of a future King and Lord."

I've liked Rick Wakeman's "Myths and Legends of King Arthur, etc. etc." for more than 30 years, but how long ago it was - and how young I was - when first I heard it.
In 2016 I plan to attend the 50th Anniversary of the SCA, as a chance to meet with friends from that time, and because I'll need a vacation by then. I might be able to fit in the Sylveastan surcoat, when I dig it up!

This New Year's Day I tested no swords, although I did finish S.MStirling's latests Emberverse chapter, The Golden Princess. It was basically the first act or perhaps the first scene of an epic, in which Our Heroes Get The Band Together To Do A Show - or the Heroic Quest equivalent. While there were a few good bits - rousing battles with bad guys and all - it was mostly tedious introductions to characters we might care about later, but who for the moment are of interest only as the children of characters from the last series, and children carefully avoiding their parents as they secretly sneak away. Other than the decision to go on the Quest - a bit of a no-brainer, really - there were literally no decisions of consequence to make - a few desperate fights to survive made the first half tolerable, but mostly it was exposition. Let's hope the next has some plot or something.

I am enjoying having my housemates back. We don't actually interact all that much, but they are amusing!

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