Thursday, January 01, 2015

Half Price Books Donates Again To VAPS - and I helped...

Notice the Lobby Book Cart is Almost Empty....
...Thank You Half Price Books!
On New Year's Day 2015,  I distributed another load of books donated by Half Price Books in Tukwila.
This store has been very generous, donating up to 50 boxes of books in the last quarter of 2014!
Every day, many thousands of veterans and their family members go through the VA Puget Sound Health Care facility in Seattle, and a lot of them spend time waiting between appointments. Reading material makes the time friendlier and less stressful, as you probably know if you've been there.
Half Price Books is not doing it for the publicity, but it's only fair that when you are thinking of shopping, keep in mind that Half Price Books has been supporting veterans with deeds.

P.S. Don't forget that when you come to the hospital, you're free to bring a few books for the cart as well! Paperbacks are preferred because they take less space, but when in doubt - bring it in! As long as it's in good condition, someone will want to read it - after all, didn't you read it?

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